Dogecoin network transactions rise to an all-time high

After the Dogecoin blockchain was able to issue NFT and other tokens, the daily transaction volume increased more than 20 times

The daily number of transactions in the Dogecoin network grew to an all-time high. This happened after the appearance of a new token standard DRC-20. This standard allows NFT and other tokens to be issued in the blockchain of the leading meme cryptocurrency.

On May 16, according to the BitInfoCharts platform, the number of transactions in the Dogecoin blockchain exceeded 719,000. This is not only the highest number for the DOGE coin network. But also for the first time exceeds the maximum values for the Bitcoin network, where a similar standard BRC-20 was recently launched.

The BRC-20 and DRC-20 protocols were modeled after the ERC-20 for Ethereum. These are protocols that allow other tokens to be created “on top of” the blockchain in a single network-compatible way. Prior to this generalized standard, a separate blockchain had to be created for each token. ERC-20 is the most widely used standard today for creating new tokens.

On May 9, the DRC-20 standard was launched on the Dogecoin network. And it allows the creation of a token tied to each indivisible DOGE unit. And which is called Elon ( in honor of the most famous fan of the meme cryptocurrency, Elon Musk). There are 100 million Elons in one Dogecoin coin. Also these tokens can be issued in the form of NFT or other cryptocurrency.

Similar to tokens in the Bitcoin network called Ordinals, this standard has already been nicknamed Doginals.

Compared to the daily average of 20,000-30,000, the daily volume of transactions in the Dogecoin network has increased more than 20 times since May 9. This increased activity could lead to network congestion. Which is not designed for a large number of transactions, and to increase transaction fees.

Our experts note that the BRC-20 standard in the Bitcoin network became effective in March. And on May 8, fees reached two-year highs due to the excitement with the issue of memcoins on the blockchain of the first cryptocurrency. The popularity of their issuance was boosted by a surge in the price of meme tokens like PEPE and LADYS.


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A movie is to be made about a meme dog that has become a symbol of Dogecoin

The NFT community Own the Doge and the PleasrDAO project, which bought the rights to the DOGE meme for $4 million. Now they involve Hollywood producers and streaming companies to promote the story of the dog Kabosu, the symbol of a Dogecoin coin

Proponents of Dogecoin (DOGE) have made a “documenal” film about the meme cryptocurrency, writes Decrypt. The NFT community Own the Doge and the PleasrDAO project, which bought the rights to the image of the DOGE meme for $4 million in 2021. They created and financed an as yet untitled feature film. It is about the transformation of an abandoned Shiba Inu puppy, nicknamed Kabosu, into a Dogecoin cryptocurrency symbol.

The film was directed by John Lynn and is currently in production. Despite the initially niche nature of the project, its creators hope to extend it to a mass audience. And are on the lookout for new partners to promote this film.

At this point, according to one of the producers of the film under the pseudonym of tridog. This project has secured the support of Jim Toth, a former Hollywood casting agent. He is also the producer and ex-husband of actress Reese Witherspoon. Also, according to tridog, they were joined by “Feels Good Man” documentary director Arthur Jones and producer Evan Rosenfeld.

The creative team behind the film is also trying to attract major film distributors. For example the streaming platforms Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video. The filmmakers believe they can offer these companies an asset. Which may be of interest to them, namely the audience interested in the success of the project.

Our experts say that Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency, which is one of the top ten largest digital assets by market capitalization, with an indicator of $11.7 billion. We think all Dogecoin followers would love to see this movie.

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