Votes for Polls and any sites

We can vote for your project on almost any site. You only need to send us a link where you need votes, we will check everything and tell you our price and conditions. If you are satisfied with our conditions and price, we start working.

Votes are needed not only for crypto voting sites, but also on many other platforms. And also this service will be useful for other types of business. For example, for new singers when they need help and to get their song voted on some site. Or for influencers when they take part in a poll or for a business when it wants to get some kind of award. This kind of promotion will help you get your desired goal of winning an event that will help you develop your business further.

And of course we can vote for your project at any crypto voting site.

All voting sites are available.

To order requires:
1) Link to website where you need votes
2) If it is a poll, specify the answer you want votes. If it is a voting site, name of your project or link from the same site
3) Tell us how many votes you need and pay.

Our rate is up to 50 000 votes per day (depends on site you choose).


We will help your project raise its reputation and add users who follow your project on CoinMarketCap or Coingecko.

To order you must:
1) Send a link to your project on CMC or CG
2) Let us know how many votes you need and pay.

Speed up to 50 000 per day

Our services will help your project reach new ATH

For order and information contact us: