Twitter promotion tools:

  1. Twitter mentions.

    This is a very popular type of promotion that can bring good results. In a retweet of your promotional message the username of Twitter users from your target audience is mentioned. After that, the user we mentioned gets a push notification on their Twitter profile. He opens the notification and sees your ad.

  2. Mass Twitter DMs.

    Mass sending of Direct Messages is also one of the popular types of Twitter promotion. We send promotional messages that contain text and a link or link to your promotional Tweet. We scrap your target audience of your competitors’ followers or their posts (retweets, likes, messages). It is important to know that not every account can receive the message, only those users who have allowed it in their account settings. We verify all accounts and send only those Twitter users who have allowed to receive messages.

    We scrap your target audience from any Twitter profiles, followers or posts (likes, comments, retweets). Any amount

  3. Twitter trends by hashtags.

    This type of promotion will help your tweet get from 7000+ views, 100+ profile visits, the rest depend on your project and what it advertises in your Tweet. You make a Tweet from your account and include up to 6 popular hashtags (like #bsc, #crypto, #nft, etc.).
    We make that tweet trend across all hashtags and it will be visible to everyone in the TOP section. That way everyone who searches for popular hashtag #nft will have your tweet in the TOP. Timing of your Tweet in the TOP section from 12 to 16 hours

  4. Twitter votes to the poll.

    It’s very often that Twitter conducts polls. And your company needs help to win these polls and take first place. Our company will help you win these polls quickly and guaranteed. Poll votes on Twitter arrive very quickly. So even if there is very little time left to vote, we can help you!

With our services your project will reach new ATH

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