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Advertise Your Crypto Project on Billboards

We can place your advertisement on a Billboards in any city in the USA and for any advertising budget.

  • Flexible schedule – you can choose any days and any time
  • Professional photographer who will take professional photos and videos for your Billboards
  • Free days – 2 days after payment

We have access to the most elite Billboards in the USA:

  • I Love NY, NY, Times Square
  • Marriot Marquis, NY
  • Bryant Park Digital, NY
  • Midtown, NY
  • The Takeover, NY
  • The REEF, LA
  • Many others!

1530 Broadway, New York, "I LOVE NY"

(1846×900 advertising screen). Times Square billboard suitable for crypto promotion campaigns at 1530 Broadway.

Hot price: $6500 / 24 hours (8 plays per hour) + a photographer who will take high-quality photos and videos for you.

You can also order this billboard for 3 hours (8 plays per hour) at the price $1500 + a photographer who will take high-quality photos and videos for you.


Marriot Marquis Hotel Crypto-Friendly Billboard

Billboard on Marriott Marquis Times Square is the biggest available crypto advertising billboard in New York City.

This, along with The ONE TIMES SQUARE, are the hardest one to get in NYC, as the landlords are very restrictive about what they advertise there.


1540 Broadway, New York, 10036

(7380×2392 digital ad screen) «The Takeover» billboard is our most elite one in Times Square for select clients and crypto advertising (the location has a total of 4 screens, you can see all of them in the pictures, the creatives will play on all of them at the same time).

It can only be booked for a minimum of 24 hours of non-stop play at 30 pph=plays per hour.



Small Billboards in NY

(7380×2392 digital ad screen) 7000+ Advertising space for crypto promotion. 1080×920 advertising screen – JPEG only. Minimum order: 5 Small billboards must be ordered for one day of the promotion.



Nyc 33th Street - Penn Station

NYC 33th street – Penn Station 2380×1848

Digital advertising screen suitable for promoting cryptocurrency campaigns requires an up to 8 seconds video to be played on one screen. Minimum order: 3 days.


Harmon Corner, Las Vegas

One of the largest billboards for cryptocurrencies in Las Vegas city that we’re able to access at amazing rates. Harmon Corner’s vibrant and dynamic advertising screen reaches a diverse audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is surrounded by all major hotels and casinos, this spectacular unit is the world’s second-largest digital board suitable for crypto ads.



The Reef, Los Angeles

Advertise your crypto project on the largest Billboards in America!

This is a big, big-ass billboard in LA – 55 feet high and 736 feet wide – wrapping around the top of three sides of an office block.

It faces North, East, and West over the I-10 (Santa Monica Freeway) and 110 (Harbor Freeway), which are two of the most clogged highways in the United States.


One Times Square

Rent the One Times Square 1404×792 advertising screen to feature your new crypto project displays a video of up to 15 seconds. Minimum order: 292 hours.


Billboards 9

8500 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Have you tried billboard advertising your crypto project in the city and county of Los Angeles, CA?

We offer an advertising screen located on 8500 Beverly Blvd that displays up to 8 seconds long,1404×792 videos.


One Times Square

Promote your crypto on the digital advertising screen displaying up to 15 seconds 2302×864 videos. Time schedule is limited from 12:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Minimum order: 320 hours (14 days).

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