The largest cryptocurrencies are growing in price more than BTC

The percentage price change in some major cryptocurrencies is stronger than that of bitcoin

Bitcoin continues to trade in a narrow range at $62-64 thousand, but some of the largest cryptocurrencies by capitalization show more noticeable growth dynamics.

The growth leader among the top 20 largest crypto assets is NEAR. This is a native token of the blockchain platform NEAR Protocol. Among the tokens of ecosystem blockchains or so-called first-level networks, positive dynamics is also observed in BNB of the BNB Chain network from Binance exchange and TRX – a native token of the Tron ecosystem.

Cryptocurrency aggregators refer to the group of tokens of Layer 1 (L1) blockchain coins. And which serve as the underlying infrastructure for applications, tokens and protocols. These include Ethereum, Solana, Cardano or TON, among others.

Of the other tokens in the category, entrepreneur Justin Sun’s Tron blockchain token TRX showed growth. TRX rose almost 10% over the week with a capitalization of $10.5 billion.

Other Tier 1 networks from the top 20 in terms of capitalization, such as Solana, Cardano and Avalanche, generally follow the dynamics of bitcoin or fall in value even more actively. Solana, Cardano and Avalanche blockchain tokens lost about 5% during the week.

Our experts note that the largest price drop among ecosystem blockchain tokens is observed in TON – the coin has fallen in price by 15% over the past week. It reached $7.2 before Pavel Durov’s speech at the cryptoconference in Dubai. And after the speech of the Telegram founder, the token systematically fell in price. As of April 29, Toncoin is trading at $5.2.

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How to search for promising Airdrop yourself

The crypto market is full of platforms that make Airdrop for active users. Our experts tell you how to identify a promising project based on three criteria

Airdrop has become an extremely popular trend in the cryptocurrency market. On the one hand, users are migrating en masse to second-tier networks in the expectation of hunting for future Airdrops there. On the other hand, projects everywhere announce the release and distribution of tokens in advance in order to attract the audience.

Thus, the market is in a hype, which greatly disperses the attention of users. Previously, there were only a few projects on the public ear, for the manifestation of activity in which you should expect a solid distribution of tokens. Now, since money and time are limited. And there are a lot of options – we have to choose which Airdrop is really worth hunting for.

The first and foremost criterion in selecting a project is the amount of investment involved in that project

There are several reasons for this. First, the presence of large financial injections indicates a potentially high valuation of the project in the future. This directly affects the rate of the future token and, consequently, the size of the eirdrop in terms of dollars.

Secondly, the presence of large investors is also a kind of guarantor that there are no fraudsters behind the platform. As a rule, investment funds do know where they put their money. The identities of the developers are known, where they live, where they are registered. This significantly reduces the risk that the founders of the project will be able to misappropriate the assets of users and hide with them. Since in this case it will be easier for the police to find them.

Third, significant investment is a resource for both creating a good product and organizing a successful marketing campaign.

It is especially good when the investors are well-known large investment funds. For example, such as Binance Labs, Blockchain Capital, a16z and others. These are titans of the crypto market who know their business and usually support projects at the development stage and beyond.

Second criterion is the number of users and competition in this Aridrop

The presence of large investments and big names among investors is not enough. At least because the project may fail and not pay off. But another reason could also be “overfarming”. When there are too many users hunting for a giveaway. And the allocation of tokens for each may turn out to be too small.

So, if you have chosen a few projects with good investments. Then you should check them for the number of users chasing the future Airdrop. Or check what you need to do to get at least into the first 50% of the user rating.

To do this is not so easy, projects do not always give transparent information on this matter. So you have to look for it in roundabout ways. Here are two options:

Today, many projects have introduced a points system, on the basis of which future tokens will be distributed. As a rule, the project publishes a rating of users by the number of points they have accumulated. Having analyzed this rating, you can estimate what you will need to do to get ahead of most of your competitors.

If, say, to get into the top 20-30% of users will require a huge effort – probably, the project is “overfarmed”, and it is not worth spending time and money on it. And vice versa: the easier and cheaper it is to gain points and move higher in the ranking. The greater the potential of the airdrop size specifically for you.

Another example: the derivatives platform Satori.
Despite the huge number of users, get into the first 10 thousand by rating. And it is enough to invest on the platform a couple of thousand dollars for a few weeks.

In the second option and when working in the networks of the second level, the analytical platform Dune will help you. It allows you to see statistics on different blockchains for all wallets. You can find out how much users have invested. And how many transactions they made and for how much, how many days and months they were active.

Based on this information, you can figure out what you need to do to outperform most of your competitors in terms of activity. Our experts recommend trying to get at least into the first 30% of the rating. It is likely that those who are not in the top 50% will be left without an Airdrop or receive a low allocation.

Third criterion is the time the project has been in existence and the expected time to Airdrop

We have selected a few projects with large investments – then we have weeded out those with large competition – now we need to understand how long we have left to wait for a potential Airdrop. If there is a high probability that the distribution will be in a month or two, it is better to skip this project for two reasons.

First, you risk not having enough months of activity to get an eirdrop.

Secondly, even if you know that airdrop is a month away and the snapshot hasn’t been made yet – it’s still debatable to stop on this project. You’ll be way behind in points from early users and won’t have time to gain much allocation. Therefore, it only makes sense to participate in such giveaways if there are no alternatives. It is better to strive to join the project at an early stage.


It is not easy to find interesting projects with good airdrop potential, but it is not so difficult. Yes, you need to spend time, gather statistics and analyze them. But this is the job of an ” airdrop hunter”, and it is important to do it. It will help you avoid an extremely unpleasant situation. And in which you will not only waste money and time on an empty project. And you’ll also miss out on another good giveaway.

Of course, you can do simpler and focus on airdrop, which are known to everyone. This is also a working solution: if a huge community is hunting for a particular giveaway, it’s for a reason. However, by following the masses and Influencers, you are more likely to arrive at an “overfarmed” project and later than others.

Your main task is to find a project with good investments, enter it before the majority. And when it becomes famous – move to the next potential airdrop.

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Telegram has started its expansion what this means for Ton

The growth of TON price coincided with the public expansion of the messenger. Our experts assessed the prospects for a cryptocurrency ecosystem with its support

The cryptocurrency Toncoin (TON) has secured its place in the top ten largest crypto assets by capitalization. And at the same time taking the ninth line of the CoinMarketCap rating between Dogecoin and Cardano. The price of the coin has grown two and a half times in the past month. The growth of its rate was greatly accelerated after the release of an interview of the founder and owner of Telegram Pavel Durov to the Financial Times. And in which he said that the messenger received a preliminary valuation of $ 30 billion before a possible IPO.

In the sensational interview with Tucker Carlson, Durov mentioned that he had “several hundred million in dollars and bitcoins” 10 years ago. And he “didn’t do anything with them” because Telegram was “never about money” for him. Earlier, Durov said that of all cryptocurrencies he only holds Bitcoin and Toncoin.

Cryptocurrencies in Telegram

Formally, Telegram has nothing to do with projects in the TON ecosystem. And for which Toncoin serves as the main currency. But the messenger team is obviously supporting the developers. The messenger interface includes a cryptocurrency wallet that supports only bitcoin, USDT stablecoin and Toncoin itself. In it, you can also activate an additional Ton Space wallet. And which serves to interact with online projects operating on the TON blockchain. And tokens and NFTs issued on this blockchain.

On April 19, Durov is scheduled to make an announcement at the Token2049 cryptocurrency conference in Dubai together with Paolo Ardoino, the head of Tether, a USDT steiblcoin issuing company. Officially, the topic of the speech was not advertised. But in thematic Telegram channels and chats, the probable launch of USDT in the TON network is widely discussed.

Possible difficulties for the growth of the Ton ecosystem

The main difficulty that awaits TON is related to the market’s transition into the inevitable phase of correction. The bulk of the audience today are “newcomers looking for an easy profit”. And the cryptozyme crisis will hit such people the hardest, our experts believe. Indirectly, there are also risks from the U.S. Department of Justice, which may provoke new proceedings against Telegram. Especially since the precedent already exists in the legal field of the country and transferring it to a new token will be easier from the point of view of the law.

Possible difficulties may be related to excessive attention of regulators, primarily the US and the EU. Formally, Toncoin may fit the definition of an investment contract. And be considered as a security by the US SEC. In Europe, MiCA legislation comes into full force this year, and how European regulators will classify Toncoin is still unclear.

Another potential problem is abuse by criminal elements. This point will be especially relevant if the TON blockchain is used to issue stablecoins. For example, the Tron network (the most popular of those on which USDT operates) has already been accused of aiding and abetting terrorists. According to the U.S. authorities, Tron is used by them even more than bitcoin – it is the stablecoins that are used first and foremost.


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Ethereum has moved closer to Bitcoin in annual profitability

Ethereum, the second most capitalized cryptocurrency, showed the most significant growth since the beginning of April

Our experts, believe the rise of the second cryptocurrency is due to the market’s wait for the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to approve spot exchange traded funds (ETF) on Ethereum.

According to unconfirmed reports, Ethereum ETF issuers held a meeting with SEC officials. This information comes from the co-founder of hedge fund Parataxis Capital. And which specializes in digital assets, Edward Chin and has not yet received official confirmation.

Following the debut of a group of bitcoin spot ETFs in the U.S., several management companies, including BlackRock, Fidelity. And Ark Invest, have filed applications with the SEC to create spot ETFs on Ethereum. The regulator could approve such funds as early as May this year. And according to estimates from S&P Global and ETF market analysts at Bloomberg.

Analysts at brokerage Bernstein published a report estimating the probability of Ethereum-ETF approval before May at approximately 50%.

However, on March 20, the SEC postponed the deadlines for reviewing ETF launch applications from asset managers Ark 21 Shares. And Hashdex to May 24 and May 30, respectively. And after that, Bloomberg analyst James Seyffarth said the chances of an Ethereum-based exchange-traded fund being approved in May have diminished significantly.

According to Jeffrey Kendrick, head of currency and digital assets research at Standard Chartered, the price of ETH could rise to $4k on expectations of Ethereum-based spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs) approval.

While bitcoin is recognized as a commodity in the U.S., the Ethereum cryptocurrency wants to be recognized as a security.

In March, the SEC launched an investigation into ETH. And demanded documents from the Ethhereum Foundation, a non-profit organization associated with the cryptocurrency.

The reason for the investigation was the transition of the Ethereum blockchain to a staking mechanism instead of mining. Many of the crypto-assets, the issuance of which is carried out by staking (proof-of-stake algorithm), have already been equated to unregistered securities in June 2023 in lawsuits against major crypto exchanges.

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Bitcoin price volatility should be expected this week

Our experts analyzed situation on the crypto market and told how the price of Bitcoin can change

The week of March 25-31 was relatively quiet. The following key factors influenced the crypto market. This is the dynamics of the U.S. dollar, stock indices and futures on them. As well as data on inflation in the U.S., measured by the PCE index, as well as the speech of the head of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell. News about the accusations against the KuCoin exchange caused concerns and led to a massive outflow of funds from the platform. But it did not have a strong impact on the market either and Bitcoin.

Last week’s analysis

On March 25, bitcoin showed a strong growth of 3.97% and closed at $69,880 per coin. This rise occurred after the bulls were able to overcome an important resistance level at $65,430 on Sunday. And that marked the break of the local downtrend.

On March 26, the BTC/USDT pair rose 0.15% to $69,988, hitting an intraday high of $71,561. Buyers took a pause, retreating to $69,280.

March 27 saw increased volatility. The BTC/USDT pair fell 0.74% to $69,469 after a failed attempt to break above $71,769. The price slipped 5% to $68,359, but did not go below this level.

On March 28, the BTC/USDT pair rose 1.89% to $70,780. The price touched $71,500 three times. But it failed to move higher because of the S&P 500 futures drawdown before the close of trading.

On March 29, trading on the BTC/USDT pair ended with a 1.31% decline to $69,850. Despite the buyers’ attempts to develop upward dynamics, they failed to hold the gained positions. During the U.S. session, the bitcoin rate fell to $69,000.

As on this day the exchanges of the USA and Europe were closed due to Easter holidays. The cryptocurrency market was deprived of the guidelines set by traditional markets. The pressure on prices could be exerted by the published data on inflation in the United States. As well as the speech of the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell.

By the time the trading closed, the bitcoin price recovered to $69,850. And remaining within a four-day sideways trend with a range of $68,350 – $71,550 (the maximum of the week was $71,769).

U.S. inflation data and a speech by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell

According to the released figures, inflation in the US, as measured by the change in the price index of personal consumption expenditures (PCE). And rose to 2.5% year-on-year in February. The core PCE price index also showed an increase. These data were in line with expectations. However, they did appear to have put some pressure on the market. As traditional exchanges were down, it was mostly bitcoin that reacted.

Rising inflation and Jerome Powell’s words about the need to keep rates high could mean the following. That the Federal Reserve will be cautious about changing rates. Market conditions and new employment data will be key factors for future Fed decisions between April 1 and April 7.

Important events expected this week and possible BTC price changes

This week will be full of publication of important macroeconomic indicators. Therefore, we should expect increased volatility in all markets. On April 3, Jerome Powell will make another speech.

Currently, bitcoin is in a sideways with a range of about 5% or $3450. The technical picture remains on the side of buyers. The only potential negative factor could be the strengthening of the dollar after the long weekend.
Possible technical resistance levels could be $72,650 and $73,800. According to BitRiver estimates, on the sellers’ side, $65,800 and $60,800 levels are the targets.

Our experts note that issuers of nine new spot bitcoin-ETFs. Which were launched on January 11, currently own more than 500 thousand BTC worth $35.2 billion at the current exchange rate. The first place by number of coins in the vault is occupied by BlackRock with about 250 thousand BTC. And in second place is Fidelity with about 150k BTC, and the top three is rounded out by Bitwise with 50k BTC. Before the upcoming halving, the demand for bitcoin remains high. And therefore, the support from institutional investors will remain for a long time.

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SnoopyBabe innovative memecoin with its ecosystem related Web3 | Fairlaunch on Launchpad TonRaffles

SnoopyBabe is not just a memecoin project dedicated to China’s cutest cat. This project has launched a useful Ecosystem: SnoopyBabe TON Tools | SnoopyBabe SOL Tools | SnoopyBabe Play | New app Web3 Soon

SnoopyBabe combines in its ecosystem several Solana and Ton networks, two of the fastest and most promising blockchains. The project initially launched its $SBABE token on the Solana blockchain. And it also launched a useful Web3 ecosystem on the Solana network, which is constantly being expanded and updated.

The SnoopyBabe ecosystem on the Solana network and their token $SBABE

SnoopyBabe SOL Tools bot V1.1

SnoopyBabe developed and are launching SnoopyBabe SOL Tools:

This bot will be useful first of all for investors to have all useful tools for Solana in one place.

In this version 1.1 , you can track price changes on other projects and receive customizable notifications. This project increased to 15 contract addresses for tracking in this version.
Additionally in this Version 1.1 they added Security Check feature: Mintable | Mutable Info | Creation TX | Ownership Renounced | Creator Address | Creator Balance | Token % of Creator | Freezable. In a future V1.2 update, they add the LP Burn | LP Locked check feature, as well as expand the number of contracts in the basic free version and add other useful features.

A little later they will add paid subscriptions that will give advanced features, but all the basic features will be available for free. The project will also add a referral program so that you can recommend SnoopyBabe SOL Tools to your friends and colleagues and get additional bonuses and rewards.

SnoopyBabe Play: Solana Web3 blockchain gaming platform

Play, earn and have fun together at SnoopyBabe: 

SnoopyBabe are launching this new kind of Web3 ecosystem through which you can test your luck and try to win $Solana or $SBABE tokens. All SnoopyBabe games in our “Play” section uses a verifiable randomized game protocol on the chain, Gamba. ( Guacamole, Fronk Casino, SolVegas, etc. are launched on this platform. But you can see SnoopyBabe design and  development has gone further than these projects. Just compare SnoopyBabr Play site and slots and you will see the huge difference yourself! Therefore, everything is completely clear and safe.

SnoopyBabe Web3 ecosystem on the TON network and their token $SBABE

SnoopyBabe TON Tools V1.0: a useful tool for all investors on the TON network

SnoopyBabe TON Tools has officially been added to –

SnoopyBabe developed  and are launching SnoopyBabe TON Tools. This bot will be useful for all investors in the TON network. Investors will be able to receive customizable price change alerts to make a timely decision to sell or buy. In this version, you can add up to 10 contract addresses for tracking purposes. This early version adds a Security Check (Audit): Check for Ownership Revoked | Check for Mint more jettons | Check for Change Metadata.

In the next updates project improve the Security Check and add more parameters that bot will check. Additionally project will integrate Telegram Wallet into SnoopyBabe TON Tools and that will allow investors to buy and sell directly in bot. In the future project will add SnoopyBabe Sniper TON Bot feature that will allow to quickly find new projects in TON network and make profitable deals for investors at an early stage. SnoopyBabe TON Tools starts with the V1.0 release, and then every month additional useful features and functions will be added.

A little later project will add paid subscriptions with payment feature in $SBABET and $TON, which will give advanced features, but all basic functions will be available for free. SnoopyBabe TON Tools will be a separate ecosystem within their main ecosystem.

Fairlaunch of the $SBABET token (Ton network) on the Launchpad TonRaffles

The project is currently running a Fair Launch for their new token $SBABET. It is taking place on the TonRaffles Launchpad and will run until April 02. The project has already raised over 1000 TON and continues to grow. Also works affiliate program: bring friends and contacts on your affiliate link and get 5% in TON from the amount of their participation.

Tonraffles Launchpad:


This project though is a live cat meme from China, but it’s not just a meme coin. They are working hard on their ecosystem and constantly expanding it. They are releasing new useful applications, and as we have checked they are immediately working versions and not empty promises. And also as we noticed everything looks very high quality. Now they want to combine two networks in their ecosystem and launch more useful applications and even create a bridge between the networks. But as said by SnoopyBabe project developers they don’t give empty promises. And that’s why they announce only when their useful application is ready to launch. You can see their project yourself and check their already launched ecosystem and check everything yourself.

SnoopyBabe TON Tools:
SnoopyBabe SOL Tools:
SnoopyBabe Play:
White Paper V3.0:

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No one wants to sell their BTC at the current price

Investors are not in a hurry to part with their BTC at current prices, our experts explain the reasons why

The average value of transactions on the BTC blockchain has decreased significantly from its 2021 peak. And recorded during the bull market. About it writes CoinDesk citing reports from experts.

“There are very few funds moving within the blockchain. And that is a sign of low liquidity and unwillingness of investors to sell their cryptocurrencies.” This is also what Blockware Solutions analysts wrote in a newsletter “No one wants to sell,” the experts added.

According to data from analytics company Glassnode, the average bitcoin transfer volume over the past two weeks was less than $200,000. In 2021, during the cryptocurrency market bull market, this figure often exceeded $1 million.

Experts attribute the decline in transaction volume to the concentration of spot market trading in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). In addition, other market indicators indicate that the share of bitcoins. Which have not moved online in three to five years, continues to grow. And long-term holders are in no hurry to sell their assets, expecting further growth in the BTC rate.

Prospects for BTC price growth

Our experts note that Blockware analysts predict. That in the coming months the price of bitcoin can grow to six-digit values. And the historical maximum may exceed $150 thousand.

Strong price growth will catalyze a sharp increase in transaction volume. Investors will start taking previously purchased coins to exchanges for sale, increasing the liquidity of supply – according to Blockware analysts.

The low volume of network transactions at the moment indicates that the market lacks sellers. Who are ready to part with cryptocurrency at the current price.

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Solana has become fourth most capitalized cryptocurrency

Solana has surpassed Bitcoin in growth since the beginning of the year and is second only to the regular cryptocurrency market leaders in terms of cryptocurrency market share

The rate of native blockchain token Solana (SOL) on March 18 reached its highest since December 2021, momentarily reaching $209+ on the Binance exchange when paired with the Tether USD (USDT) stablecoin.

The capitalization of SOL, according to CoinMarketCap, reached an all-time high of $89.4 billion. And that made the token the fourth largest crypto asset after bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and the USDT stablecoin. SOL’s previous capitalization high was $77.9 billion in November 2021.

Solana’s price has risen more than 100% since the beginning of the year. But the token is trading below its all-time high at $250, reached in November 2021 during the peak of the crypto market.

New Solana Records

On March 18, the SOL token overtook the BNB cryptocurrency from the Binance exchange in terms of capitalization, which had long been ranked fourth in the Coinmarketcap rankings.

Search queries for the word “Solana” reached the index of 100. And that is an absolute record in the five-year history of the cryptocurrency. The previous peak was recorded in early September 2021 – then the value of search activity was 84. Experts attribute the surge of interest in Solana to the SOL price exceeding the $200 mark.

Benjamin Stani, director of business development at Matrixport analytical company, linked the growth of SOL price to active trading of memcoins issued on the Solana blockchain.

Over the weekend, Solana surpassed Ethereum in trading volume due to increased interest in Solana-based memcoins. Trading volume on SOL reached $3.52 billion on March 16, according to data from DefiLlama. And that’s $1.1 billion more than the daily trading volume on Ethereum. However, the increase in activity has taken a toll on the network.

Our experts predict the coin to update the historic high, provided the rally in the cryptocurrency market continues. And expansion of the Solana blockchain application ecosystem.


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Rising Bitcoin price has boosted millionaires’ wallets to 1.5k per day

Kaiko analysts note that the rate at which wallets with balances over $1 million are appearing is still below the previous Bitcoin bull market cycle

As the bitcoin exchange rate rises, an average of about 1,500 new “millionaire wallets” appear every day. And that hold $1 million or more worth of cryptocurrency. However, this figure is still lower than during the 2021 bull market, data provided by analytics platform Kaiko.

Transaction data on cryptocurrency wallets Bitcoin is public. But it is not possible to establish their belonging to a specific owner. Kaiko tools do not take into account the addresses of exchanges and other major crypto services.

The highest number of new wallets containing more than $1 million in bitcoins. And since the beginning of the year – 1,691 – was recorded on March 1. In 2020-2021, more than 4,000 wallets with a balance of about $1 million and more than 2,000 wallets with more than $10 million appeared every day.

In 2021, the crypto market was swept by a wave of retail investors eager to capitalize on the wave of excitement. However, in 2023, large investors behaved more cautiously. And sold their assets as bitcoin hit new highs, Kaiko writes.

Our experts note that the slower pace may also be due to the fact that the inflow of new capital has not yet gained momentum. And investors are storing their assets with trustees rather than in their personal wallets.

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The largest memecoins have risen sharply in price

A whole list of cryptocurrencies from the memecoins category have risen in price by hundreds of percent over the past month

Bitcoin has risen in price about one and a half times in the last month, so that its price has exceeded $66 thousand. But several well-known cryptocurrencies from the list of memecoins have overtaken the first cryptocurrency in terms of growth rates and brought their investors hundreds of percent of profit.

In the last 24 hours alone, the largest memecoins by capitalization have risen in price by tens of percent, according to CoinMarketCap. Among them, Pepe (PEPE), Bonk (BONK) and DogeCoin (DOGE) were the leaders of growth, adding 60%, 50% and 20% respectively.

Memecoins often grow significantly in value after Bitcoin and Ethereum rallies, and traders redistribute profits into altcoins.

The trigger for the rise in the price of memecoins may have been the soaring price of the PEPE token.

This happened after Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, launched a promotion with an opportunity to get PEPE tokens as a reward.

Over the past seven days, PEPE has increased in value by 376%, and over the past month the coin has risen by 632%. The trading volume of the token on exchanges has increased by 100% in the last 24 hours and reached $3 billion.

This time, the growth of memecoins coincided with another wave of popularity of DOGE, which almost doubled in price in one week. The capitalization of the asset reached $24 billion. Dogecoin is in the top ten leaders in terms of market capitalization according to CoinMarketcap.

The Shiba Inu memecoin (SHIB), inspired by the Shiba Inu dog breed, was in the growth leaders, adding 30% in the last 24 hours. A mechanism to reduce the number of tokens in circulation continues to support its price. Earlier this month, the development team announced that more than 643 million SHIB tokens were burned during February.

Despite the risk of high volatility, some large platforms, such as Solana, see memecoins as a way to expand their ecosystem and interact with users.

On March 4, for example, the Bonk memecoin (BONK) rose in price by 56%. Over the past six months, the price of this cryptocurrency has increased by thousands of percent largely due to the integration of the token into the Saga smartphone from Solana developers. And whose owners could claim a free BONK token giveaway.

The current rise in the cryptocurrency’s price coincided with the announcement of the BONK token development fund’s partnership with Revolut, the largest licensed fintech company. And serving over 38 million customers across Europe. Floki Inu, a meme cryptocurrency inspired by Ilon Musk’s dog, has broken into the top ten in terms of growth.

In the last seven days, the price of the FLOKI token has increased by 326%. Floki developers decided to pour oil on the fire by announcing in late February the burning of 2% of the total volume of tokens, which amounts to almost 200 billion FLOKI. Token burning is often considered by analysts as a factor that favors token value. New memcoins launching in late 2023, before the start of a bullish period in the crypto market, are generating notable returns for early investors.

New memecoins launching in late 2023, ahead of a bullish period in the crypto market, are generating notable returns for early investors.

The Solana blockchain-based token WIF has become one of the top altcoins in terms of growth over the past week. And having risen in value by nearly 400%. The growth was largely fueled by the token’s addition to leading US brokerage platform Robinhood.

Our experts note that In late February, analytics platform Lokonchain reported on a trader who made almost $1 million on WIF. Back in November 2023, he bought 2.58 million WIF for $310 in the Solana cryptocurrency. On February 27, the price of WIF rose to $0.57, and the value of the coins owned by the trader reached approximately $1.4 million. Thus, his profit from investing in the WIF token was 4500%.

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