Instagram promotion tools:

  1. Instagram mentions. This is a very popular type of promotion that can bring good results. We make a promotional post that contains a picture, a link and text below it we make comments in which we mention your target audience username. Number of promotional posts depends on amount of mentions ordered by you. When we mention a user on Instagram he gets a push notification, he logs into his account and sees your ads.
  2. Mass Instagram DMs. Mass sending of Direct Messages is also one of the popular types of promotion. We send promotional messages that contain link to your promotional post.

We scrap your target audience of your competitors’ followers or their posts (retweets, likes, messages). It is important to know that not every account can receive the message, only those users who have allowed it in their account settings. We verify all accounts and send only those Twitter users who have allowed to receive messages.

Scrap your target audience

In order for us to work only with your target audience you should write us hashtags that interest you or a popular account from which we will take a list of all its followers.

In addition, we can filter contacts according to the following parameters:
– by number of followers per account
– type of account (public/closed, business account)
– Account avatar
– Last post date on the account

Minimum order is 3.000 DM

Promotion Instagram is one of the most important tools in promoting Brand awareness. And can help to attract a new target audience for your business around the world. With our services your project will reach new ATH.

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