The Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is available on dozens of exchanges, and various information resources continuously monitor this process.

CMC, Dextools Crypto Projects Trends

Placing a crypto project on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko services has two crucial goals.

  1. The first indirect goal is the recognition of your project. If a project is citable in any form, its cost objectively increases. The listing of a crypto project on authoritative resources significantly increases its value, regardless of whether ordinary people want it or not.
  2. The second goal is genuine objective information about the crypto project. Projects missing the information component have value – money flows into the projects that people know.
IEO is how start-up companies raise capital by selling crypto tokens that grant them privileged status through a cryptocurrency exchange platform. In general, crypto exchanges help control the sale of crypto tokens by ensuring that the project verification process is carried out carefully.

There are three general criteria for IEO according to the services:


Can the claimant substantiate his case with supporting evidence?


Can we verify information from reliable and independently verified sources?


Does this request align with our methods?
Promote your token using our premium DexTools trending service.

Dextools Trending Services

We offer these services on the following conditions:

  1. Payment is made upfront for the token at least 1 day in advance.
  2. You have 12 hours into your trend to buy the next day. If you do not, the next person behind you gets to have the slot.


You will not be refunded. You will be knocked down a position or trended until banned off Dextools. We prepare the order 12 hours in advance to make sure it is working in a timely manner. Failure to meet your commitment will absolve you of your payment.


It can take a day or more for the person in front of you to lose their slot if you are in a situation where you are next in the queue.

Top 1-3 trending Dextools position cost:

  • ERC – $45,000
  • BSC – $28,000
  • POLY – $20,000
  • FANTOM – $20,000

Requirements: 500K Liquidity + 1,000,000 Volume

Top 1-10 trending Dextools position cost:

  • ERC – $35,000
  • BSC – $21,000
  • POLY – $15,000
  • FANTOM – $15,000

Requirements: 200K Liquidity + 400,000 Volume

Coingecko is quite widely known among blockchain investors.

Fast Track CoinGecko Listing Services

The summary of information for specific blockchain projects is available by visiting the Coingecko website.

Coingecko is quite widely known among blockchain investors. There are mobile applications for obtaining information about the project.

We can help you manage and control the listing of your crypto project on Coingecko to increase the credibility and value of your project.

Fast Track CG Listing cost:

We can fast track Coingecko listing within 24 hours at a price:

  • Guaranteed – $15,000
  • Not Guaranteed – $10,000
  • 1,000 Coingecko watchlist or reactions – $150
CMC was founded in 2013, that is, even before the birth of the IEO approach.

CoinMarketCap Trending Services

CoinMarketCap 24-hour Trending


  • Top 1 – $45,000 pkg 7/10 the day before (2 Million Volume)
  • Top 2/3 – $28,000 pkg 30 the day before (1 Million Volume)
  • Top 4/6 – $24,000 pkg 30 the day before (1 Million Volume)
  • Top 7/10 – $19,000 pkg 30 the day before (1 Million Volume)
  • Top 11/30 – $10,000 No Volume Requirement


  1. Volume MUST maintain in this spot or will be taken down with no refund.
  2. 16-20 hours of the selected spot then the rest of the time it will bounce up and down the list to look organic.
  3. The coin cannot be less than 5 days old to be trended.



If you want top 2/3, top 4/6, top 7/10 you must first buy the top 11/30 the day before that date. Or your project must already be there. For example:

  1. You want a top 2/3 for November 27. You prepay $28,000 to reserve the date + $10,000 for top 11/30.
  2. On November 26 your project goes to the top 11/30.
  3. On November 27 your project is in the top 2/3.

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    General Listing Terms

    A crypto project must meet specific criteria to be successfully and quickly listed on these websites.

    However, with a competent approach, sufficient transparency, and project information, both Coingecko and CoinMarketCap will gladly list your project.