Crypto has been one of the leading topics regarding Internet users’ search queries in recent years. Attention to cryptocurrency projects does not fade even when the crypto market declines and the crypto industry is constantly expanding at the highest speed. That also increases demand among crypto enthusiasts for information on crypto that meets three essential factors in writing articles for crypto.

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Most Popular Websites for Crypto Articles

  1. Yahoo.Finance : We can make press releases for your crypto project on all Yahoo sites (Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Yahoo Money, Yahoo Lifestyle, Yahoo Entertainment, Yahoo Now, Yahoo India, Yahoo Singapore, Yahoo UK, Yahoo Australia, Yahoo Canada, Yahoo Newzealand, Yahoo Italian, Yahoo Malaysia, Yahoo Philippines)
  2. : Press Releases (Example), Sponsored Articles (Example), Explained Articles (Example), Market Analysis, Sponsored Interview, etc.
  3. : Press releases for your crypto project. Your press release will be index on Google with good reach. So once you search your project, you will see Bloomberg link as well on top links. It will build brand reputation as well.
  4. : We make a press releases on two sites together. Press Release Coinquora (Example), Press Release Investing (Example).
  5. : Press Release.

We have partnered with more than 1000+ media worldwide. Our company will tell about your project in any country of world. Press releases are available for every budget.

Lead time: 24 hours on average

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3 Key Crypto Article Sources

Articles for Crypto and blockchain come up from a large number of sources, and the main ones include:

  1. Analyze the current data from the world’s leading cryptocurrency services (quotes, latest news, etc.).
  2. Obtain information from cryptocurrency project founders and developers (initial data about the ICO, articles on GitHub, specialized forums, and social networks).
  3. Source the up-to-date overviews, observations, and forecasts for cryptocurrencies.

Challenges of High-Quality, Relevant, Unique, Engaging Articles

Writing Articles for Crypto projects can be a rather tedious and challenging process.

However, if the final copy has enough relevancy and quality, it will inevitably help the crypto project succeed and reach the target audience.

Despite the relatively young age of the crypto industry, the unique and user-engaging crypto texts on the most popular and relevant topics remain essential for cryptocurrency copywriting. Most digital coins declare similar advantages and have typical disadvantages, while minor differences are embedded in the underlying technologies.

Cryptocurrency copywriters must consider the factor of their work uniqueness and look for rare, trustworthy, distinctive information in many sources. It can be complicated in the case of Asian cryptocurrencies and exchanges that have a short lifespan.


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    • To order an article on cryptocurrency on the Crypto-Upvotes copywriting service, you need to provide us with a brief introduction to your crypto project (or a link to your website), optionally keywords, and target audience.
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