How to search for promising Airdrop yourself

The crypto market is full of platforms that make Airdrop for active users. Our experts tell you how to identify a promising project based on three criteria

Airdrop has become an extremely popular trend in the cryptocurrency market. On the one hand, users are migrating en masse to second-tier networks in the expectation of hunting for future Airdrops there. On the other hand, projects everywhere announce the release and distribution of tokens in advance in order to attract the audience.

Thus, the market is in a hype, which greatly disperses the attention of users. Previously, there were only a few projects on the public ear, for the manifestation of activity in which you should expect a solid distribution of tokens. Now, since money and time are limited. And there are a lot of options – we have to choose which Airdrop is really worth hunting for.

The first and foremost criterion in selecting a project is the amount of investment involved in that project

There are several reasons for this. First, the presence of large financial injections indicates a potentially high valuation of the project in the future. This directly affects the rate of the future token and, consequently, the size of the eirdrop in terms of dollars.

Secondly, the presence of large investors is also a kind of guarantor that there are no fraudsters behind the platform. As a rule, investment funds do know where they put their money. The identities of the developers are known, where they live, where they are registered. This significantly reduces the risk that the founders of the project will be able to misappropriate the assets of users and hide with them. Since in this case it will be easier for the police to find them.

Third, significant investment is a resource for both creating a good product and organizing a successful marketing campaign.

It is especially good when the investors are well-known large investment funds. For example, such as Binance Labs, Blockchain Capital, a16z and others. These are titans of the crypto market who know their business and usually support projects at the development stage and beyond.

Second criterion is the number of users and competition in this Aridrop

The presence of large investments and big names among investors is not enough. At least because the project may fail and not pay off. But another reason could also be “overfarming”. When there are too many users hunting for a giveaway. And the allocation of tokens for each may turn out to be too small.

So, if you have chosen a few projects with good investments. Then you should check them for the number of users chasing the future Airdrop. Or check what you need to do to get at least into the first 50% of the user rating.

To do this is not so easy, projects do not always give transparent information on this matter. So you have to look for it in roundabout ways. Here are two options:

Today, many projects have introduced a points system, on the basis of which future tokens will be distributed. As a rule, the project publishes a rating of users by the number of points they have accumulated. Having analyzed this rating, you can estimate what you will need to do to get ahead of most of your competitors.

If, say, to get into the top 20-30% of users will require a huge effort – probably, the project is “overfarmed”, and it is not worth spending time and money on it. And vice versa: the easier and cheaper it is to gain points and move higher in the ranking. The greater the potential of the airdrop size specifically for you.

Another example: the derivatives platform Satori.
Despite the huge number of users, get into the first 10 thousand by rating. And it is enough to invest on the platform a couple of thousand dollars for a few weeks.

In the second option and when working in the networks of the second level, the analytical platform Dune will help you. It allows you to see statistics on different blockchains for all wallets. You can find out how much users have invested. And how many transactions they made and for how much, how many days and months they were active.

Based on this information, you can figure out what you need to do to outperform most of your competitors in terms of activity. Our experts recommend trying to get at least into the first 30% of the rating. It is likely that those who are not in the top 50% will be left without an Airdrop or receive a low allocation.

Third criterion is the time the project has been in existence and the expected time to Airdrop

We have selected a few projects with large investments – then we have weeded out those with large competition – now we need to understand how long we have left to wait for a potential Airdrop. If there is a high probability that the distribution will be in a month or two, it is better to skip this project for two reasons.

First, you risk not having enough months of activity to get an eirdrop.

Secondly, even if you know that airdrop is a month away and the snapshot hasn’t been made yet – it’s still debatable to stop on this project. You’ll be way behind in points from early users and won’t have time to gain much allocation. Therefore, it only makes sense to participate in such giveaways if there are no alternatives. It is better to strive to join the project at an early stage.


It is not easy to find interesting projects with good airdrop potential, but it is not so difficult. Yes, you need to spend time, gather statistics and analyze them. But this is the job of an ” airdrop hunter”, and it is important to do it. It will help you avoid an extremely unpleasant situation. And in which you will not only waste money and time on an empty project. And you’ll also miss out on another good giveaway.

Of course, you can do simpler and focus on airdrop, which are known to everyone. This is also a working solution: if a huge community is hunting for a particular giveaway, it’s for a reason. However, by following the masses and Influencers, you are more likely to arrive at an “overfarmed” project and later than others.

Your main task is to find a project with good investments, enter it before the majority. And when it becomes famous – move to the next potential airdrop.

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SnoopyBabe innovative memecoin with its ecosystem related Web3 | Fairlaunch on Launchpad TonRaffles

SnoopyBabe is not just a memecoin project dedicated to China’s cutest cat. This project has launched a useful Ecosystem: SnoopyBabe TON Tools | SnoopyBabe SOL Tools | SnoopyBabe Play | New app Web3 Soon

SnoopyBabe combines in its ecosystem several Solana and Ton networks, two of the fastest and most promising blockchains. The project initially launched its $SBABE token on the Solana blockchain. And it also launched a useful Web3 ecosystem on the Solana network, which is constantly being expanded and updated.

The SnoopyBabe ecosystem on the Solana network and their token $SBABE

SnoopyBabe SOL Tools bot V1.1

SnoopyBabe developed and are launching SnoopyBabe SOL Tools:

This bot will be useful first of all for investors to have all useful tools for Solana in one place.

In this version 1.1 , you can track price changes on other projects and receive customizable notifications. This project increased to 15 contract addresses for tracking in this version.
Additionally in this Version 1.1 they added Security Check feature: Mintable | Mutable Info | Creation TX | Ownership Renounced | Creator Address | Creator Balance | Token % of Creator | Freezable. In a future V1.2 update, they add the LP Burn | LP Locked check feature, as well as expand the number of contracts in the basic free version and add other useful features.

A little later they will add paid subscriptions that will give advanced features, but all the basic features will be available for free. The project will also add a referral program so that you can recommend SnoopyBabe SOL Tools to your friends and colleagues and get additional bonuses and rewards.

SnoopyBabe Play: Solana Web3 blockchain gaming platform

Play, earn and have fun together at SnoopyBabe: 

SnoopyBabe are launching this new kind of Web3 ecosystem through which you can test your luck and try to win $Solana or $SBABE tokens. All SnoopyBabe games in our “Play” section uses a verifiable randomized game protocol on the chain, Gamba. ( Guacamole, Fronk Casino, SolVegas, etc. are launched on this platform. But you can see SnoopyBabe design and  development has gone further than these projects. Just compare SnoopyBabr Play site and slots and you will see the huge difference yourself! Therefore, everything is completely clear and safe.

SnoopyBabe Web3 ecosystem on the TON network and their token $SBABE

SnoopyBabe TON Tools V1.0: a useful tool for all investors on the TON network

SnoopyBabe TON Tools has officially been added to –

SnoopyBabe developed  and are launching SnoopyBabe TON Tools. This bot will be useful for all investors in the TON network. Investors will be able to receive customizable price change alerts to make a timely decision to sell or buy. In this version, you can add up to 10 contract addresses for tracking purposes. This early version adds a Security Check (Audit): Check for Ownership Revoked | Check for Mint more jettons | Check for Change Metadata.

In the next updates project improve the Security Check and add more parameters that bot will check. Additionally project will integrate Telegram Wallet into SnoopyBabe TON Tools and that will allow investors to buy and sell directly in bot. In the future project will add SnoopyBabe Sniper TON Bot feature that will allow to quickly find new projects in TON network and make profitable deals for investors at an early stage. SnoopyBabe TON Tools starts with the V1.0 release, and then every month additional useful features and functions will be added.

A little later project will add paid subscriptions with payment feature in $SBABET and $TON, which will give advanced features, but all basic functions will be available for free. SnoopyBabe TON Tools will be a separate ecosystem within their main ecosystem.

Fairlaunch of the $SBABET token (Ton network) on the Launchpad TonRaffles

The project is currently running a Fair Launch for their new token $SBABET. It is taking place on the TonRaffles Launchpad and will run until April 02. The project has already raised over 1000 TON and continues to grow. Also works affiliate program: bring friends and contacts on your affiliate link and get 5% in TON from the amount of their participation.

Tonraffles Launchpad:


This project though is a live cat meme from China, but it’s not just a meme coin. They are working hard on their ecosystem and constantly expanding it. They are releasing new useful applications, and as we have checked they are immediately working versions and not empty promises. And also as we noticed everything looks very high quality. Now they want to combine two networks in their ecosystem and launch more useful applications and even create a bridge between the networks. But as said by SnoopyBabe project developers they don’t give empty promises. And that’s why they announce only when their useful application is ready to launch. You can see their project yourself and check their already launched ecosystem and check everything yourself.

SnoopyBabe TON Tools:
SnoopyBabe SOL Tools:
SnoopyBabe Play:
White Paper V3.0:

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Solana has become fourth most capitalized cryptocurrency

Solana has surpassed Bitcoin in growth since the beginning of the year and is second only to the regular cryptocurrency market leaders in terms of cryptocurrency market share

The rate of native blockchain token Solana (SOL) on March 18 reached its highest since December 2021, momentarily reaching $209+ on the Binance exchange when paired with the Tether USD (USDT) stablecoin.

The capitalization of SOL, according to CoinMarketCap, reached an all-time high of $89.4 billion. And that made the token the fourth largest crypto asset after bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and the USDT stablecoin. SOL’s previous capitalization high was $77.9 billion in November 2021.

Solana’s price has risen more than 100% since the beginning of the year. But the token is trading below its all-time high at $250, reached in November 2021 during the peak of the crypto market.

New Solana Records

On March 18, the SOL token overtook the BNB cryptocurrency from the Binance exchange in terms of capitalization, which had long been ranked fourth in the Coinmarketcap rankings.

Search queries for the word “Solana” reached the index of 100. And that is an absolute record in the five-year history of the cryptocurrency. The previous peak was recorded in early September 2021 – then the value of search activity was 84. Experts attribute the surge of interest in Solana to the SOL price exceeding the $200 mark.

Benjamin Stani, director of business development at Matrixport analytical company, linked the growth of SOL price to active trading of memcoins issued on the Solana blockchain.

Over the weekend, Solana surpassed Ethereum in trading volume due to increased interest in Solana-based memcoins. Trading volume on SOL reached $3.52 billion on March 16, according to data from DefiLlama. And that’s $1.1 billion more than the daily trading volume on Ethereum. However, the increase in activity has taken a toll on the network.

Our experts predict the coin to update the historic high, provided the rally in the cryptocurrency market continues. And expansion of the Solana blockchain application ecosystem.


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Bitcoin rose rapidly to $35 thousand. Why it happened and what will happen to the price

The Bitcoin price rose sharply, having updated the annual maximum. Our experts named the factors influencing the growth of the cryptocurrency’s price and its future goals

On October 24, the Bitcoin exchange rate rose sharply to 35 thousand. And reaching a level that was last recorded in May 2022. A few hours before the growth began, it became known that two major companies – BlackRock and Grayscale. Have come close to approving applications for their own exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for bitcoin. The launch of such ETFs is considered in the crypto community as a catalyst for a new bull cycle in the market.

The price movement came after details of BlackRock’s bitcoin ETF called iShares Bitcoin Trust appeared on a list. Which is maintained by the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC).

Various exchange traded funds (ETFs), including gold, have trillions of dollars in assets under management. In the crypto community, it is commonly believed that even a small percentage of this capital can potentially impact the global crypto market. Several management companies are now awaiting approval of their own bitcoin ETFs from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

If their ETFs are approved, the demand for cryptocurrency will increase: buying shares of the funds implies the delivery of bitcoin as an underlying asset. That is, its direct purchase in the market, affecting the exchange rate. Under the management of BlackRock alone are assets totaling about $9 trillion. According to the assessment of the analytical company Chainalusis, it is North America is the largest cryptocurrency market. And its annual turnover is approximately $1.2 trillion. This amount exceeds 24% of the global annual volume of transactions in cryptocurrency.

Growth Factors

Shortly before the rise, it also became known that the court issued an order. Which requires the SEC to review Grayscale’s application to convert its Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) into a full-fledged spot bitcoin-ETF. Grayscale has been seeking this since 2021, when it first sued the regulator. And challenging its past denials of its application. The amount of assets in its trust exceeds $19 billion.

The growth of the last few days is a consequence of the realization of a complex of factors, our experts believe. On the one hand, a significant buying position was formed in the range of $26-28 th. And that is clearly seen by the growth of open interest in recent weeks.

The change of trend to bullish has taken place ?

Another important factor that added impetus to the growth of bitcoin rate. It was the exit from the narrow trading range, formed since the summer, our experts explain. This led to the liquidation of a significant volume of short positions.

During the day, a sharp rise in the rate of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provoked a mass forced closing of traders’ marginal positions. And who were unable to add collateral to their orders. More than 70% of them were in “short”, that is, betting on the fall of the market. According to the Coinglass service, which tracks the wallets of major crypto exchanges, positions totaling $400 million were forcibly liquidated from October 23 to October 24.

What will happen next with the BTC price

Judging by the current momentum towards $35 thousand, the price movement is in an active phase. And it is unlikely that the market will start fixing positions in the near future. The realization of the main factor (ETF approval) is still far away, and market participants will continue to form long positions in anticipation of this event.

From the point of view of technical analysis, there was a “void” after the level of $31.5 th. And we quickly covered this distance after the breakdown at the expense of traders. Who took short positions (in particular, those who traded a potential “Head and Shoulders” in the daily range).

“Head and Shoulders” is one of the most famous technical analysis figures indicating a trend reversal. It appears on the chart when a new price peak is drawn after an uptrend, but already below the maximum price. The maximum price peak is seen as a “head”, and the surrounding lower peaks are seen as “shoulders”. When the price crosses the so-called neck line, it often means a change of trend.

Further big players will continue to provoke liquidation of short positions even for those traders who trade with low leverage. The next target our experts call fixing of the price at the level of $36 thousand. In this regard, our experts continue to expect reaching the level of $40 th. by the end of this year.

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Why the XRP victory in court is historic and the main event of the last days for the crypto market

Our experts explained the intricacies of Ripple Labs’ (XRP) important lawsuit for the crypto industry

The court of the Southern District of New York ruled in favor of the blockchain company Ripple Labs in a lawsuit against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). At the regular hearing, Judge Analisa Torres issued a verdict that no sales or other forms of distribution of XRP tokens issued by the company. As well as sales of these tokens to private investors do not equate to transactions with investment contracts. That is, in fact, tokens are not recognized as securities.

Ownership of tokens, their placement on exchanges, payment with them, algorithmic distribution of coins and other retail transactions are not equated to such transactions. However, the court recognizes as an investment contract transaction the sale of tokens to institutional investors under a preliminary contract.

The XRP exchange rate reacted to the news with an 80% increase in less than a day. The main US exchange regulator has been suing Ripple Labs for several years. On December 22, 2020, the agency accused the company of selling $1.3 billion worth of unregistered securities under the guise of XRP tokens.

Over the years, the SEC’s case against Ripple has become one of the most important proceedings in the crypto industry. In June lawsuits against major crypto exchanges Binance and Coinbase, the commission equated a whole list of crypto assets to securities. The end result of the Ripple case could have serious implications for digital asset rules both in the U.S. and globally.

Why this decision is important

The US SEC’s multi-year lawsuit against Ripple Labs is a significant case because of the fact that its results can be used as a precedent for similar cases. Its results can be used as a precedent for similar cases. At the moment, the SEC alone decides on the status of a particular cryptocurrency. And in doing so, guided by the so-called Howey test.

Given the weight of these events, the immediate course of the process is also important in this situation. And its correct coverage in the media. Often information reaches retail investors in an incomplete or distorted form. This is partly what happened with the so-called victory over the SEC. Which was actually a motion to expedite the case. And the denial of some of the claims and the referral of the case to trial. Of course, the lightning-fast spread of the “news” caused an active rise in the price of XRP and the growth of the entire crypto market. Locally, this event manipulated the growth by bringing back the interest of retail traders.

However, globally, it can indeed be considered a positive decision. It may indirectly indicate that the judge is really getting into the process. And this case will not be considered superficially. This is generally positive for the industry itself, which is obviously experiencing difficulties in the absence of clear. And specific legislation directly for a new type of asset, which is cryptocurrency.

What will happen to other cryptocurrencies

Ripple Labs only partially won the court case. The judge ruled that the XRP token was not a security. But that only applies if it was sold on cryptocurrency exchanges to the general public or “through algorithms” .

The decision is significant because it rejects the SEC’s argument that XRP should be classified as a security. At the same time, the court recognized that Ripple Labs violated the Securities Act. And when it sold XRP to institutional investors. This means that selling the token to hedge funds or venture capital firms was considered a violation of US securities laws.

There is a certain irony in this: now the classification of an asset, its classification as a security, depends not so much on the characteristics of the asset itself. But rather on the characteristics of the investor who bought it. In general, the court’s decision for the crypto industry is quite important and positive.

The fact that the court partially sided with Ripple Labs, suggests that many altcoins, which are the most popular in the cryptocurrencies, are not the only ones. That many altcoins, which were also mentioned in the lawsuit against Coinbase as securities. And would eventually be recognized as cryptocurrencies if their underlying sales took place on public exchanges among the general public or through algorithms.

How the final outcome of the case will affect the crypto market

The final court ruling in favor of Ripple Labs in the case against the SEC could have a big impact on the entire crypto market. And if there is no appeal from the regulator.

The court’s decision could help establish the legal status of cryptocurrencies. And especially in the context of their classification as securities. This will create more clarity and predictability for other cryptocurrency companies and investors.

The court’s decision in the Ripple and SEC case will serve as a precedent for future litigation. Which are related to cryptocurrencies and their compliance with securities laws. If other companies can cite this decision in their cases. This could change the dynamics of cryptocurrency regulation and litigation.

A final favorable outcome for Ripple could impact regulatory policy regarding cryptocurrencies. Regulators may reconsider their approaches to categorizing and regulating cryptocurrency projects. And based on this court ruling. The right actions by the SEC will lead to a favorable environment in the cryptosphere.

Our experts note that this decision may still be subject to appeal. And the final status of the case may take a lot more time. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on developments and take into account possible changes in the regulatory environment.

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Arkham project to trade cryptocurrency wallet owner data, how much demand it has and how ethical it is

The launch of a new Arkham project to trade data on cryptocurrency wallet owners has raised questions about the ethics of disclosing such information

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance reported on July 18 that it has completed the public sale of tokens of the Arkham Intelligence (ARKM) analytics service. The token trades opened at $0.05, but shortly after the start of trading on the exchange, the ARKM rate soared to $0.75.

Arkham Intelligence has developed its own platform to visually analyze data in the most popular blockchains. With its help, you can view data about cryptocurrency wallets and movement of funds. And in doing so, matching wallet owners and analyzing their actions. This is applicable, for example, for investors when studying the chain of transactions of successful traders. Or for exchanges and law enforcement agencies when tracking the movement and conversion of stolen cryptocurrency.

Wide functionality and successful marketing strategy. Which includes a referral system and airdrop of future tokens, helped the project attract a user base.

Together with the announcement of the launch of the token, which received the ticker ARKM. And its distribution via airdrop and presale on the Binance Launchpad platform, the developers also announced the launch of the Arkham Intel Exchange marketplace. And on which the token will be used. On the site will be organized data marketplace, where buyers will be able to put up a reward for information. Which can be obtained from the analysis of cryptocurrency wallets, including for the identification of specific individuals who own these wallets. The service itself is promoted under the banner of ” deanonymizing the blockchain.”

This provoked a wave of discontent in social media discussions. And the company began to be accused of an unethical approach to personal data and privacy.

Despite the fact that data on all transactions in blockchains is public. But linking them to real people is often difficult. And privacy for many people is one of the fundamental factors in using cryptocurrencies as opposed to existing banking and payment systems.

There is no direct prohibition on “de-anonymization of blockchain”. However, it is related to the personal data of users on the web. And which clearly did not give consent for someone else to have access to them. Our experts believe that it will be important to distinguish between the personal data of users on this platform and those that they have provided to exchanges.

From an ethical point of view, this approach infringes on the basic principles and fundamentals of blockchain. Such as privacy and simultaneous transparency. When law enforcement obtains information about user accounts on exchanges.This becomes a kind of restriction of rights for the greater good. In the situation of selling data, not everything is so clear-cut. Because sellers and buyers operate with other people’s data, obtained not always in a legal way.

Our experts believe that many ordinary users will not be happy to find themselves and their wallet in such a database. This increases the risk that a person will become an object of attack of fraudsters. And they will know who owns the wallet and how much money he has.

Law enforcement agencies, cryptocurrency tracking systems or private researchers could act as such a platform’s services.

At the early stage, the use of the service will be limited to a narrow circle of users, our experts believe. Cryptocurrencies were created as an alternative to centralized systems. And many users want to remain anonymous and do not want to disclose data about themselves and their transactions. On the other hand, regulators have policies aimed at disclosing user data for the sake of their own safety. And they are introducing mandatory Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures on marketplaces to identify malicious users and hold them accountable.

A promising technology that would help both parties. According to our experts, the Zero Knowledge Proof (ZK) protocol is a promising technology that would help both parties. With it, it is possible to develop a technological solution that balances human privacy for the general public. And by allowing limited fragments of data to be disclosed to government agencies.

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Why TVL is important and how to calculate it correctly

We explain the importance of the TVL indicator and how to calculate it correctly. And how to use it to assess the investment case for blockchain projects

Total value locked (TVL) is one of the key metrics. It helps to understand the value of a blockchain-based service, protocol or application. The use of smart software contracts in such applications is rethinking traditional financial solutions by automating contractual logic. And it does not require an intermediary in the form of the usual financial institutions (banks, exchanges or others).

Smart contracts enable the development of decentralised finance (DeFi). The transparency of the blockchain as a public registry of transactions makes it possible to see the volume of funds. This can be seen both in an individual smart contract and in an entire ecosystem of blockchain-based applications, such as Ethereum. TVL is a key metric for demonstrating audience interest in a particular protocol. And it is commonly referred to as a decentralized application (dApp).

How TVL is calculated

Uniswap, one of the largest decentralised exchanges (DEX), is a case in point. It pioneered the development of automated market makers (AMMs). And it has made it possible for users to exchange tokens without the need for intermediaries.

Anyone can deposit funds into Uniswap liquidity pools representing paired tokens. Pools for paired tokens, such as ETH/USDT, lock in users’ funds. And in doing so, turning those users into liquidity providers (LPs). When other traders want to exchange a token (USDT or ETH), they connect to the appropriate pool to take advantage of its liquidity. The liquidity providers, in turn, receive a percentage of the token conversion.

Each liquidity pool has its own TVL, which shows how much total cryptocurrency funds in dollar terms have entered the pool. If you take the total amount of funds in each pool on Uniswap. You can then determine the total liquidity of the exchange. Similarly, all liquidity pools of other networks, remembering Ethereum, that Uniswap also supports – Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, Celo and others. As of early July, the total value of all blockchain tokens in all Uniswap pools is $4.11 billion, according to the DefiLlama service.

A similar process for calculating TVL can be applied to credit protocols such as Aave or Curve. This is because they use the same principle of pooling the liquidity of smart contracts. However, TVL does not take into account outstanding loans and yields. And which liquidity providers’ deposits earn. Instead, TVL only reflects the value of smart contract deposits. If you calculate TVL not at a specific protocol. But for example the entire blockchain network (e.g. Ethereum), it would take into account the total TVL of all applications. As of July, the TVL of all dApps on the Ethereum network is $26.77 billion – about 60% of the entire DeFi market.

Why TVL matters

TVL clearly shows the value of deposits and people’s interest in a particular protocol or blockchain network. Similarly, when more deposits are made to one bank than another, it indicates that the first bank is more popular.

In addition, TVL allows for an assessment of the overall health of a particular protocol. If it holds more funds. It means it has higher liquidity and can operate more efficiently. Because in decentralised finance, the liquidity providers are the users themselves. This is critical for the sustainability of the market. Lack of liquidity leads to significant delays and higher token exchange fees.

Moreover, significant demand or an attempt to exchange too much money on a decentralised exchange can cause fluctuations in token prices. And that will lead to failed transactions. This is why the liquidity pools have a slippage percentage for each pair of tokens. If, for example, the price of a token rises above 0.3% during an exchange, the transaction is cancelled.

A lower TVL in a dApp or blockchain means less monetary stability. This can lead to lower rewards for liquidity providers. And a deterioration in the overall state of the protocol.

How reliable is the information on TVL

If the market capitalisation of a dApp is greater than its TVL, the protocol is said to be overvalued. At the same time, if you divide the amount of capitalisation of a protocol by the amount of its TVL. And the ratio will be less than one, we can say that the protocol is undervalued. That said, the ratio of market capitalisation to TVL for DeFi services is often dynamic.

The market capitalisation depends on the price of the service’s native token multiplied by its total negotiable supply. For the Uniswap protocol, this token is the UNI control token. Its price is usually influenced by market hype, the listing of the token on exchanges. As well as protocol updates and other significant events.

Another factor that can distort TVL as an indicator of project value is the activity of so-called whales. These are investors or organisations that have significant capital at their disposal in crypto-assets. They are capable of increasing a project’s TVL with just one large deposit. Or conversely, collapse it if they decide to withdraw assets from the pools.

Our experts point out that it is worth paying attention to the total number of users of the protocol or blockchain in this regard.

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What cryptocurrencies to buy in the long term

Our experts have analyzed the cryptocurrency market and named profitable assets for long term investments

Neither the stock market, much less the cryptocurrency market, can grow when liquidity is withdrawn from the system. As of this week, the U.S. Treasury Department has begun to withdraw liquidity. And the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) continues to clear the balance sheet as part of QT (quantitative tapering).

When the U.S. Treasury Department raises the public debt ceiling. Then the government can borrow more money in the financial markets to cover its spending. As a result, the volume of government bonds increases. And other debt instruments issued by the Treasury Department.

The U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) clears its balance sheet by conducting open market operations. This means. That the Fed sells financial assets, mostly government bonds and mortgage-backed securities.

It turns out that liquidity in the markets is decreasing. And that means assets like stocks and cryptocurrencies simply have nothing to grow on. Add to this the negative news related to the SEC’s fight against cryptocurrencies. And also answer yourself the question after that: “What should the crypto market grow with right now?”

So the best thing a crypto investor can do is to buy Stablecoins and wait for more interesting entry points into the market. It is equally important to keep a close eye on the further actions of the Fed and the U.S. Treasury.

Additional idea of long-term investments

All of the above provides excellent opportunities for long-term purchases of time-honored assets such as Dash (DASH).

Dash is a decentralized payment system with support for private and fast transactions. Dash is a modified fork of Bitcoin. And it uses both mining and stacking to issue new coins.

Unlike popular “memcoins” and outright scam tokens. Dash cryptocurrency has been around since 2014. And its developers have never been caught in any suspicious activity. And unlike the vast majority of coins on the market. Dash, judging by its metrics, has a real decentralized management. For example, only 15% of existing tokens are held by the top 100 holders. But the main reason to buy this coin is revealed by technical analysis (chart).



The coin broke through a historically strong support block order. And that has kept the price from falling lower for more than five years.

Order block in trading is a grouped set of buy or sell orders in a certain price range. That is, it is an area where a large proportion of market participants are interested in buying or selling an asset.

A great amount of liquidity has accumulated under this support and the price has followed it. The whole fall occurs at a very low volume and oversold indicators.

Our experts say that the price is likely to wiggle below this support zone for a couple of months. In order to shake out all the long-term holders of the coin. And then it will break through the long term downtrend (green line) and the price maximum of 2021. Therefore, this coin is worth buying into your portfolio and forgetting for a couple of years.


Crypto-Upvotes does not provide investment advice. This material is for information purposes only. Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset that can lead to financial losses.

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What to buy in the current market conditions

Our experts suggest a strategy for investing in the collapse of the crypto market and the actions of U.S. regulators

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has targeted two major trading exchanges at once. The lawsuit against Coinbase is informative primarily because it mentions a number of popular cryptocurrencies. And which the SEC calls securities. This is clearly a blow to the cryptocurrency market, which logically expects further developments not in the most positive direction.

At the same time, it should be noted that Bitcoin (BTC) reacted rather reservedly to reports of lawsuits against major cryptocurrency exchanges. This is largely due to the fact that holders of those altcoins, which were declared securities in the lawsuit against Coinbase. Then they rushed to withdraw some assets, but not completely leave the crypto market. But to redirect capital to Bitcoin as a more reliable digital asset. And this is a very smart investment idea in the current environment. The current rate of Bitcoin looks attractive enough to enter.

This is not a short-term investment, and it is unlikely that Bitcoin will go sharply up or down in the coming weeks. This is due not only to the regulatory uncertainty that has intensified since the SEC lawsuits. But also with the upcoming U.S. Federal Reserve meeting in the middle of the month, where most investors expect the key rate to remain unchanged.

So, entering Bitcoin now looks like a sensible and effective move for those who would like to increase their presence in the crypto market. But it is logical to be suspicious of possible problems with altcoins.

In addition to Bitcoin, it is worth taking a closer look at the tokens of decentralized crypto-exchanges. Which, clearly, against the backdrop of tighter regulation in the U.S. will experience an influx of new users and strengthen their presence in the global market. However, there is a risk that these tokens will also be classified as securities. So, the risks for altcoins are still quite high and we can expect high volatility.


Crypto-Upvotes does not provide investment advice. This material is for information purposes only. Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset that can lead to financial losses.

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Where to best register a cryptocurrency business

Crypto Upvotes experts told which jurisdictions are comfortable for cryptocurrency to live and work in. And also told what factors determine the choice to register a crypto project in the chosen region

The regulation of cryptocurrencies around the world ranges from a complete ban on digital tokens to their recognition as legal tender. From time to time, governments pass laws that force crypto-businesses to migrate.

For example, China’s 2021 ban on cryptocurrency mining caused a mass exodus of miners from China. In 2023, due to stricter regulation in Canada and the U.S., many exchanges stop operating there. And now they are moving to countries in Asia and Europe. Binance and Bybit have already announced their departure from the Canadian market, Coinbase plans to open an office in Dublin.

On the other hand, certain regions are adopting clear regulatory rules for the crypto industry. And this also attracts cryptocurrencies. Hong Kong has allowed retail trading of digital assets since June 1. Huobi,, OKX and many other exchanges are already entering the local market. Gemini and Bybit are opening offices in Dubai, while Binance has been operating there since last spring.

Most projects choose two simple rules simply and cheaply

Any cryptocurrency startup wants to cut costs as much as possible at the initial stage. This includes legalization of their activities.

For a cryptocurrency company, registration and licenses are primarily needed to interact with the outside world. For example, to place their applications in the App Store or Google Play. Or opening corporate accounts on major exchanges, our expert explains.

The most important criteria for selection are three parameters:
– Ease of opening a legal entity (ideally distant registration).
– Speed (ideally a few days)
– Price, which does not exceed a few thousand dollars.

As a bonus may be the presence in the company’s charter of the prescribed cryptocurrency activity. And especially in jurisdictions where obtaining a cryptolicense is impossible or not required. Because this process usually requires much more time and expenses than the registration itself.

Popular jurisdictions for crypto business registration

It is because of the speed, simplicity and low-cost of doing business that regions such as Georgia or the Seychelles are popular. Because these countries win in comparison with, for example, Dubai or Hong Kong. So there everything is a little bit more complicated, longer and more expensive.

The most favorable jurisdictions are the ones that support the crypto market. And they have special regulation and, in addition, they provide preferential tax treatment for such businesses. The most obvious example of such a region is Dubai. In addition, the Arab Emirates is relatively neutral in the international financial market in terms of various geopolitical aspects.

Our experts point out that Hong Kong, Switzerland and the Netherlands also have a positive attitude to cryptocurrency business. And they have regulation, but their taxation regime is not as favorable.

There are countries that are not against cryptocurrency. But at the level of regulators they warn both businesses and consumers about the high risks of such assets (e.g., Georgia). Such jurisdictions, as a rule, are against the use of cryptocurrency on their territory. And especially use as a means of payment.

Some cryptocurrency exchanges choose Ireland’s capital Dublin for the fact that the country is part of the EU. And has an established reputation as a financial and technological center. It also provides a favorable tax regime for its residents.

Our experts note that Dubai, Hong Kong and Georgia are increasingly in the news as cryptocurrency-friendly regions. But not just because they are somehow particularly favorable to cryptocurrencies. Rather, it is because they are generally friendly to relocating businesses, including cryptocurrency businesses.

There are no special preferences for cryptocurrency projects. As well as there are no prohibitions preventing the activities of cryptocurrency companies. Practice shows that the absence of bans is enough. To attract a significant number of companies in the current situation. Who are looking for their new place to work.

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