Three crypto exchanges supported trading hardfork Ethereum tokens, Crypto-Upvotes experts

Poloniex and MEXC began trading ETHW and ETHS tokens in anticipation of Ethereum updates. And BitMEX launched trading in futures contracts.

Three crypto exchanges have supported trading of tokens that may become available after hardfork Ethereum. Last week, Poloniex and MEXC announced the launch of ETHS and ETHW trading. And on August 8, BitMEX launched a futures product based on ETHPoW tokens.

Poloniex and MEXC allow Ethereum holders to exchange their cryptocurrency for ETHS and ETHW at a 1:1 ratio. These tokens function like derivatives and allow users to trade blockchain assets that have yet to launch.

On these exchanges, ETHS trades at a price close to Ethereum, while ETHW is much cheaper and trades in the $125-130 range.

In case two blockchains are formed. Then these exchanges will support the holders of both tokens.

If the ETH 2.0 update is completed without a blockchain fork. The cryptocurrency will keep its previous name ETH. In this case, Poloniex and MEXC will suspend and exclude ETHS, ETHW and related markets.

Our experts also noted that сryptocurrency exchange Binance has also announced that it will consider supporting new Ethereum tokens. Binance team has announced support for the upcoming Ethereum update. However, it warned that all new hardfork tokens will undergo the same strict verification process before listing on Binance as any other coin.

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China has closed more than 12 000 accounts in social networks because of cryptocurrency advertising, Crypto-Upvotes experts

Major internet platforms in China have deleted more than 51,000 posts with illegal information about digital assets

China has blocked more than 12,000 accounts on local social networks. Their owners promoted and advertised cryptocurrency. This was reported by publication “Net Letter China” in its official account WeChat. In addition to closing accounts, Weibo, Baidu and other Chinese web platforms have deleted more than 51,000 posts with illegal advertising. Which advertises easy earnings through investing in cryptocurrencies.

Local units of Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) have been tasked with interviewing more than 500 commercial entities. They have been asked to remove illegal content.

Find accounts, articles, and websites that publish information about cryptocurrencies. This year, users of these social networks themselves actively helped and reported these violations. CAC also plans to continue cooperating with other Chinese agencies. To strengthen the fight against illegal cryptocurrency activity and improve security of funds.

In late June, China’s largest messenger WeChat, updated its usage rules to prohibit posting information about services and services related to cryptocurrency or NFT.

Advertising in China is still possible. And our crypto marketing agency “Crypto-Upvotes” is working on this issue. Already now we can offer advertising of your project. In popular Chinese Media and Weibo influencers. In the near future we will be able to offer billboard advertising in China.

But despite WeChat and other prohibitions in China, cryptocurrencies in China are very popular. Chinese investors take leading role in the world. We do articles in popular Chinese media. To order you need to provide us with text and a picture for your article. Our team will translate the texts into Chinese and prepare them for publication.

Additionally you can order Weibo influencers. We can offer influencers for any marketing budget. To order you need to provide a text and a picture or video. And texts in Chinese we make ourselves. Weibo is very popular and they haven’t introduced restrictions for cryptocurrencies yet. So you have time to order now.

Crypto marketing agency “Crypto-Upvotes” will help to tell about your project to millions of new investors from China.

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When ETH will grow to $5,000 Crypto-Upvotes experts’ opinion

Our experts have analyzed possible changes in ETH price. And paid attention to factors which can lead to growth or decline of ETH in the near future.

Our experts believe that of all cryptocurrencies, Ethereum will make maximum profit by the end of this year. We predict 4 possible scenarios for ETH price as of March 31, 2023. In these possible scenarios, we consider two factors. These are the change in Fed rates and the Ethereum “Merger” ( blockchain’s transition to a new protocol) planned for September.

Scenario 1: Fed reversal (change of regulator’s policy towards lower key rate) and successful “Merger” of Ethereum. according to our experts, this is most likely scenario, with the target price of ETH at $5,000.

Scenario 2: Fed does not change policy, but ETH “Merger” is successful. In this case, expected price of cryptocurrency is about $3,560

Scenario 3: Fed does not change policy, “Merger” of ETH goes unsuccessfully. In such a case, we forecast a price equal to recent lows around $1,000.

Scenario 4: There is a reversal of Fed policy, with the “Merger” failing (ETH network will continue to operate as it does today). In this case, the price of ETH will be $1.6k.

There are all preconditions for these scenarios, but there is no guarantee that it will happen.

At this moment, both futures curves, money markets, and surveys of leading economists are signaling that the key rate hike will peak in December and January, and the start of FED policy easing will begin in March at best.

FED will raise rates in September by 0.75% and the market will refocus its expectations for a peak rate hike in March 2023. In that case, Ethereum could hold in a $1K-$1.7K range closer to a lower line.

Only after that by the end of the year a Merger factor will be triggered. And there will be prospects for the end of the cycle of tightening of monetary policy. And more headlines about Web3 and ETH will start to appear in the media. Then there will be more reasons to realize optimistic scenarios with Ethereum price returning to $3.5k – $5k.


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Largest anonymous cryptocurrency mining pool Monero to close – Crypto-Upvotes experts

Crypto platform MineXMR asked Monero miners to switch to other platforms by August 12

Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency mining pool named MineXMR announced its closure. Platform team asked miners to reconfigure their equipment to other pools by August 12.

MineXMR mining pool is largest pool in Monero network. As of August 1, about 9.5 thousand miners remain on the platform. And the pool’s Hashrate is 1.08 Gh/s . At the same time the total Hashrate of XMR network is about 2.6 Gh/s.

Platform team does not name any official reason for closing platform. Members of Monero community expressed dissatisfaction with MineXMR pool back in February. And called to boycott this platform. Users’ concerns were raised by fact that pool took control of almost 48% of Hashrate Network. This worried anonymous cryptocurrency community. Because of close possibility of 51% attack on XMR ecosystem on the side of pool management. This is an attack in which owner of more than half of network processing power can manipulate blockchain data.

Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency was created in 2014. Coin protocol includes mechanisms that make blockchain completely anonymous. Currently, Monero is a largest confidential coin with a market capitalization of $2.8 billion.

Our Crypto-upvotes experts noticed that due to high anonymity of this coin. So many financial regulators of different countries impose bans on its circulation. Therefore, our team can fully recommend this project for long-term investment.


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Tron ecosystem. How does one of biggest blockchains work? – Crypto-Upvotes experts

When Tron project was launched, it was planned to create an analogue of a decentralized social network. Where entertainment content would be available to anyone. Let’s see how close creators TRX came to realization of their plans.

Blockchain Tron is one of the most controversial cryptocurrency projects. This year this project turned 5 years old! And according to some indicators, it really surpassed second largest by capitalization cryptocurrency ETH.

Decentralized social network

Blockchain Tron is a decentralized entertainment content ecosystem. TRX was launched in 2017 by Chinese entrepreneur Justin Sun. According to his idea. Developers can create their own entertainment applications (dApps) on the platform. And offer them directly to users, bypassing resellers.

Tron was originally launched on Ethereum blockchain. But in summer 2018, cryptocurrency was migrated to its own blockchain. In July 2018, BitTorrent was also integrated into Tron ecosystem. It’s a protocol for sharing files. And it has about 100 million monthly active users.

TRON network completed decentralization in December 2021. And it is fully managed by DAO community. When anyone can create content and share it with the community.

Tron today

Tron blockchain architecture consists of three layers: storage, management and applications. Third layer gives developers the ability to create DApps in a variety of programming languages. Such as Java, Scala, C++ and Python. This makes it one of its leading platforms for creating applications.

This blockchain is highly scalable. This opens up a lot of opportunities for devs to deploy their applications while being used by millions of people at the same time. Tron has better throughput than Ethereum or Bitcoin networks.

Also TRX has a sidechain project called Sun Network. Its goal is to help applications run with less power. And higher speed and enhanced security. At the same time, sidechain provides unlimited storage for the main TRON network. Sun Network is fully compatible with the core protocol. And it uses all of its key functionality.

TRC-20 tokens

Tron blockchain uses TRC20 token standard. According to TRONSCAN, total transfers in this network exceed $5 trillion. And total number of accounts in network is 105 million. The volume of blocked funds in the protocol (TVL) is about $11.3 billion. Many cryptocurrencies based on Tron blockchain (according to TRC-20 standard) operate. The best known tokens that support the TRC-20 standard are:

TRONIX (TRX) is the network’s own token, the main unit of account in the TRON blockchain. As of August 2, 2022, the token is the 17th largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $6.3 billion, according to Coingecko.

Key advantage of Tron blockchain is the amount of commission. In TRC-20 form, it costs about $1 to transfer USDT tokens. And in ERC-20 form, the fee can be at least $2. And there is no upper limit: at the time of network congestion, the amount of commissions reached tens and hundreds of dollars.

USD Coin (USDC) is another Stablecoin tied to the U.S. dollar. USDC is compatible with several blockchains, including TRON network.

BTT (BitTorrent) is a TRC-20 service token that supports dApps. Which include BitTorrent Speed. BitTorrent file system and others.

APENFT (NFT) is the official management token of the APENFT marketplace. It is part of the Tron ecosystem and runs on the BitTorrent network. This coin serves as proof of rights to non-interchangeable tokens. Cryptocurrency owners can vote, share profits. And participate in token airdrop.

Our Crypto-Upvotes experts consider Tron platform one of most promising and safe. And we also recommend that you include this project. In your long-term investment portfolio. Because price of this project has not yet reached its ATH. And will rise in the next few years.

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MetaMask user money put at risk by a phishing attack – Crypto-Upvotes experts

Cybercriminals send emails on behalf of Metamask cryptocurrency wallet support

New phishing attack targeting MetaMask crypto wallet users was detected by cybersecurity company Halborn. Scammers send a phishing link to your email. And they look like they were written to you by official Metamask support.

This email looks like a real message from MetaMask. It uses a logo of cryptocurrency wallet with a picture of a fox. And in this message there is a link to an open appeal to support. This email contains a demand to verify your wallet by August 30.

When user clicks on proposed link he is redirected to a scam site. Which is similar to MetaMask page. This site prompts the user to enter a Seed phrase (a unique set of words) from their wallet.

Team Halborn notes that their sender’s name and email address contain a spelling mistake. Their name is Metamaks instead of MetaMask. Scammers also use a fake domain ( and a server Which has nothing to do with the real wallet support service. Earlier in mid-July, FBI reported that American investors who used fake crypto-apps and websites. According to FBI data, 244 people were victims of scammers who created copies of web-pages and mobile wallets of famous companies.


Our Crypto-Upvotes experts warn you. Never click on unverified links that you received to your email. Carefully read who sent you email and look for spelling mistakes in names or links you received. Because scammers use similar names of large companies. But they are different if you look closely and compare names. You should also go to official website of any company on behalf of which scammers have written to you. And check whether there are official important notices with any requirements for users. If there are no important announcements, you can delete this email. Remember an important detail, dear MetaMask users. Scammers can steal your funds. If only you tell them your secret Seed phrase. So never give this information to anyone.

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Why Ethereum Classic (ETC) is rising in price and what its prospects are – expert opinion by Crypto-Upvotes

Crypto-Upvotes experts told about investments in ETC and estimated probability of miners’ transition to Ethereum Classic mining

Cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic (ETC) shows significant growth. Having risen by 45% in the last month alone. On July 28, ETH reached $34, gaining more than 23% in one day. Ethereum Classic is currently ranked 20th in cryptocurrency capitalization at $4.61 billion with a daily trading volume of $5.26 billion.

Rise in price of coin began after announcement that main Ethereum network will switch to new operation protocol (Proof-of-Stake) at the end of September. This transition will mean the end of ETH mining. Due to this event, and because Ethereum Classic blockchain uses the same mining algorithm. All ETH miners can start migrating to ETC.

Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency appeared in 2016 as a result of a hard fork of main Ethereum network. Because reason for blockchain forking was hacking of DAO investment project. And the theft of about 3.6 million Ethereums from it, which at that time amounted to about $60 million. Developers of Ethereum Foundation project conducted a blockchain split to compensate for losses.

Interest of big players grows in ETC

Ethereum Classic began to appreciate after announcement that ETH will switch to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) in fall. Ethereum Classic will remain its only major blockchain with smart contracts after main network switches to a different algorithm. Which run on classic PoW and Ethash mining algorithm.

Miners will migrate to the ETC network because of specific ASIC chips. Migration of miners will theoretically strengthen security of Ethereum Classic network, which has been attacked several times. Developers of fork are counting on growing interest of smart contract owners, who will not want to migrate to PoS.

ETC has been showing growth for the last few days. It is very likely that the volumes we are now seeing from the big players and companies. Who are buying up the asset in order to further hold on to it.

Our Crypto-Upvotes experts have noticed that mining pool Antpool. Which is affiliated with mining equipment maker Bitmain. It has invested $10 million in Ethereum Classic ecosystem. It also intends to accept accept ETC for payment for its products. Our experts say that in bull market ETC price with support of corporations can go up to $100+.

What will be effect of Ethereum move to POS for ETC

For holders of large scale crypto farms, ” classic” PoW algorithm is more profitable. Than new PoS, to which Ethereum main network is migrating. Traders take into account in their estimates of cryptocurrency that transition to PoS in Ethereum Classic is not planned and mining in this system will be profitable for all major mining players.

It’s too early to talk about mass transition of miners from Ethereum to Ethereum Classic. But interest in ETC has clearly emerged. This is evidenced by the local maximum hash rate of Ethereum Classic network. In any case, the vast majority of GPU miners will stay on ETH until its transition to PoS.

Ethereum and Ethereum Classic mining has clear advantages over BTC mining. Because net profits are higher due to lower power costs compared to ASIC equipment, especially during a bear market.

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Crypto exchanges disclose customer data to different country authorities, in which cases it happens – Crypto-Upvotes experts

How Crypto Exchanges use users’ personal information. And what exactly government interests.

Legal treatment of crypto exchanges varies greatly from country to country. A number of states officially allow cryptocurrency transactions.

In accordance with the international recommendations of the FATF. Operators of virtual asset services. Including crypto-exchanges, should collect data on participants of cryptocurrency transactions.

What Crypto Exchanges must do.

They are required to conduct a rigorous check on their users – both individuals and businesses. Crypto exchanges cannot disclose this data without a valid reason, for example in USA. In USA, 4th amendment to Constitution prohibits illegal searches and seizures of data. In order for a crypto exchange to release personal data, there must be a court order. A mere request from law enforcement will not be enough.

Monitoring activities of users of various crypto-platforms takes place worldwide as well. State authorities most often request information on what kind of cryptocurrency the user owns. And how often he or she makes transactions. In addition, the source of funds may be of interest.

Crypto exchanges monitor suspicious trades.

Legislative requirements for suspicious trades have been in place for a long time. Crypto exchanges are required to report suspicious trades. And provide detailed reports on transactions over $10,000. And also to keep information about money transfers. But this obligation is so far only relevant in those countries. That have allowed cryptocurrency exchange at the legislative level.

If an exchange gathers evidence of illegal activity. It will be required to notify law enforcement. Most often, crypto exchanges simply block suspicious accounts. Or they restrict any transactions other than transfers to a local wallet.

Users cannot find out if their personal data has been provided to a third party. But such information can appear, as in the case of Coinbase. Coinbase sell crypto user geo-location data to U.S. ICE immigrations and customs agency.

Our experts say that cryptocurrency platforms themselves use personal data to ensure legal procedures. And compliance with all requirements.

Who is monitoring you and what do they want to know?

It is almost any worldwide country that has legally binding methods for analyzing centralized user data.

They are interested in what coins you have. And how often you trade them. As well as where your funds used to buy cryptocurrencies come from. And they also track where coins are sent when they leave centralized exchanges. If you’re storing coins in an offline wallet. There’s a good chance that. One or even more governments will find out about that wallet address. Regardless of where you move the coins that have ever been in a centralized exchange, they can track you.

How to avoid being watched?

In answer to the question of how to avoid government control. We can say this: DEX exchanges and confidential coins are really only answer we know. If you use centralized services, you take a risk.


Our Crypto-Upvotes experts warn you. Always check website to which you are providing your personal information. Don’t give your personal information to everyone who asks for it. Use one or two exchange at most where you will disclose your personal information. In principle, there is no notification mode, so you won’t know that your data has been disclosed. Our experts believe that disclosure of personal data in crypto-industry is possible only in extreme cases.


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Number cases of hidden mining has risen to a record level – Crypto-Upvotes experts

Hidden mining threat (CryptoJacking) reached a record level in first half of 2022: number of detected attacks raised to 66.7 million, 30% more than in first six months of 2021

Hidden mining or CryptoJacking is a cybercrime. It involves unauthorized use of devices (computers, smartphones, tablets or servers) by hackers to mine cryptocurrency. Hidden mining is often done through security exploits in mobile apps. As well as web browsers and goes unnoticed by victims.

Cyber security company SonicWall recorded 45.1 million attacks in the first quarter. This is their highest number in their history of monitoring. However, in Q2 there were half as many cases – 21.6 million. According to a study, falling prices for cryptocurrencies may be a reason for this. According to experts’ forecast, the “summer recession of CryptoJacking” will continue in Q3 of this year. But attacks will peak again in Q4.

What drives growth of hidden mining and why it is dangerous

Two factors are responsible for general growth in the number of hidden mining incidents. First factor is a critical vulnerability in the Log4j Java library. It was found in 2021. It allows hackers to gain unauthorized access to hundreds of users’ apps remotely around world. In addition, Hidden Mining is an attack with less risk for scammers. Than extortion, because victims of scammers often do not know that their computers or networks are being used. As a result, cybercriminals have less chance of being detected. Normal users see their devices running slower. But it’s hard to connect this to criminal activity.

At least one extortion group has already publicly announced its intentions to switch to hidden mining. And if they do, it won’t be the first time cryptojacking has replaced extortion software.

The number of attacks on government, health care, and education sectors decreased by 78%, 87%, and 96%, respectively. However, cases of hidden mining in financial industry increased by 269%, and in retail by 63%.

Earlier, FBI reported that American investors who used fake crypto-applications and sites lost at least $42.7 million. According to FBI, 244 people were victims of fraudsters who create copies of web pages and mobile wallets of famous companies.

Our Crypto-Upvotes experts warn you to be careful when visiting unknown sites. Or when installing applications on your devices. Hidden mining is a real risk that you could lose your money.

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Web3 projects have become very popular. What they raise millions of dollars for in times of crisis, opinion of our Crypto-Upvotes experts

Startups related to metaworlds and WEB3 continue to attract huge funds for their development. What awaits cryptocommunity with arrival of new technologies, and what latest developments of this industry are focused on

Last few weeks bring news about new venture capital funds in cryptocurrency sector. NFT platform Immutable launched a $500 million venture fund, Multicoin Capital is investing $430 million in crypto startups, and Binance has raised more than $500 million to launch its venture fund. While some analysts talk about the onset of crypto winter, WEB3 projects are gaining popularity.

A lot of new projects will use new tokens within their ecosystems. The easiest and most budget-friendly way to provide new tokens with liquidity. This is to create liquidity pools on DeFi platforms paired with existing assets.

This will lead to an increase in DeFi sector funds currently being used in smart contracts on a particular platform or across the market as a whole (total value locked; TVL). The imminent potential increase in TVL due to the arrival of traditional financial products in DeFi has been discussed by many sector analysts in their reviews.

Initial liquidity for new pairs will be provided by funds from developers’ funds. Then, the rest of the users who want the tokens of the new projects will join the liquidity supply. Participation in the new pools will in many cases involve swaps (temporary exchanges) of users’ existing tokens on the platforms in order to obtain tokens of the desired pair. Thus, the emergence of even one new popular pair will inevitably lead to the popularization of other platform pairs as well.

Possible arrival of Killer App

Increased funds for developing new solutions for this sector will lead to an influx of new specialists. Ideas of which may turn out to be breakthrough ones. Despite almost a decade of history. All cryptoprojects have not yet been able to create Killer App, coveted and expected by many. It is an app that would demonstrate the undeniable convenience of new technological solutions for the entire population of world. Which would lead to an acceleration of blockchain expansion.

New venture capitalists rate the emergence of such an app as the most likely to happen in the area of gaming projects. A large number of P2E and x-2-earn developments are among them. X-2-earn involves replacing  “X” in a phrase with any other action in order to obtain rewards. For example, such an action can even be useful to the planet collecting and recycling garbage.

Everyone has been waiting for Killer App since BTC appeared in 2014. A combination of many conditions is necessary for the emergence of Killer App. Thus, the number of attempts to develop different apps is important for the sector. To increase probability of combining all conditions to achieve desired effect.

From histories of companies that develop computer games. We know that despite technical similarities of many products. Only a few of these games became really popular. Their success was due to a combination of many factors necessary for popularity as well as good marketing.

New earning opportunities and popularity of WEB3 projects

The attraction of users to new projects will, to some extent, take place through Giveaways and Airdrop. In this way, users will be able to earn a small amount of money without investing their own money.

Tracking promising projects at an early stage. It helps to notice in time a message about token allocation or NFT. You can get a valuable digital asset for the simplest actions. It is using bridge between networks, swapping on DEX or providing liquidity in a new pair.

The increase in the number of projects under development will also affect the labor market. New projects will be in demand from designers, UI and UX specialists. As well as copywriters, SMM-managers, analysts and developers who will be interested in further development in blockchain technology.

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