Whales may have known in advance about the Dogecoin growth

Using onchain metrics, Santiment analysts analyzed recent developments and actions of Whales in the cryptocurrency meme.

Santiment analysts have suggested that Whale is aware of the recent rise of Dogecoin (DOGE). Exploring onchain metrics, they analyzed the movement of the coin’s exchange rate. As well as the actions of its owners.

On April 3, Elon Musk swapped the Twitter logo for the Dogecoin symbol. According to analysts, most of the cryptocurrency community already knows. That if Musk does something on social media, his goal is to have fun, get attention or make money. Perhaps in this case, all three goals were met, Santiment noted.

The day after Twitter’s logo change, the Dogecoin token rate soared more than 33%, temporarily outpacing the growth of other cryptocurrencies. This happened in two waves: the big price jump started and ended almost immediately after the news (from $0.077 to $0.100), followed by the second wave of growth (to $0.102).

Studying transaction data and market indicators, Santiment analysts noted many signals. Which indicated when the big players (who, according to the authors, probably knew about the planned “pumping” of DOGE) were exiting the asset. Or at least recorded large profits.

Santiment explained that when the number of active addresses. As well as the volume of trades and transactions, and transactions of “whales” (addresses with more than $100k) together increase sharply in the period. And when an asset experiences growth independent of other markets, it is possible to assert with confidence. That here almost always forms a local top and fixation of profit at this moment.

Four types of DOGE holders

Analysts have studied the behavior of coin owners, dividing them into four categories based on the number of Dogecoin tokens:

“Fishes” (0-10 DOGE);
“Dolphins” (10 to 10 thousand DOGE);
“Sharks” (10 thousand to 10 million DOGE);
“Whales” (10 million or more DOGE).

According to the study, “fishy” addresses aggressively bought the coin the moment the price peaked. This is typical and is one of the signs of a price peak. “Dolphins” and “sharks” showed no signs of participating in this rally.

Our experts note that “Whales” were buying small quantities of the token in anticipation of replacing the Twitter logo. And as soon as the Dogecoin price jumped, the owners of such wallets fixed their profits.

Santiment suggests that something might have been known to the big DOGE holders. This is just a guess – the identities of address holders are unknown.

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Dogecoin rose in price and traders lost $30 million in one day

The meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin rose in price by 29.8% and reached the 7th place by capitalization. After Elon Musk changed the logo on Twitter to the image of a Shiba Inu dog. Crypto Upvotes expert review

Traders lost $30 million in liquidated positions on Dogecoin (Doge) during the day. According to Coinglass, 58.6% of the forcibly closed positions were short and 41.4% were long.

An unusually large number of liquidations on Doge occurred after its exchange rate rose after a logo change on Twitter. On the evening of April 3, Elon Musk replaced the familiar image with Dogecoin. Doge reacted with a sharp increase of 25%.

Traders on the OKX exchange incurred the largest losses, losing more than $15 million on Dogecoin positions. Open Interest (OI), or the total amount of active futures contracts, on cryptocurrency exchanges rose to more than $683 million. The index increased by 90.7% during the day.

On April 4, Dogecoin trades at $0.1, a daily rate increase of 29.8%. According to Coinmarketcap, Doge reached the 7th place by market capitalization with an indicator of $13.9 billion, overtaking the cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA).

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Twitter has the ability to track the price of cryptocurrencies

Twitter users can enter an asset’s ticker in search bar. And then get data on its current exchange rate and a chart of price movements

Social network Twitter has integrated cryptocurrency and stock prices into search results using a plugin from charting platform TradingView. The new feature was announced on the site’s official account TwitterBusiness.

This new feature allows users to enter cryptocurrency or exchange tickers into the search bar (with a $ sign in front of the characters). This helps generate the current value of assets in US dollars and a chart of price movements. But our experts also noticed that this result also contains a link to Robinhood trading app.

The added feature was also noted by the head of the social network, Elon Musk. He praised the work of the team and added that this is one of many product improvements that will be added to the “financial” Twitter.

At the end of November, Elon Musk had already announced his intention to make changes to this platform. He confirmed plans to integrate cryptopayments into the social network. Also Elon Musk previously talked about possibility to make payment for subscription to premium service Twitter Blue available in Dogecoin.

Additionally, in the next few weeks we will improve user interface. As well as adding new characters. Our experts believe the transformation of Twitter has just started.



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