Trading volume at SushiSwap crypto exchange increased 50% for one week

Growth in volume is due to development of SushiSwap ecosystem and announcement of important developments and innovations in 2023. Crypto-Upvotes expert review

Trading volumes on decentralized crypto exchange (DEX) SushiSwap increased by 50.8% to $476 million during this week.

During the same period, competitors’ trading volumes decreased: on PancakeSwap – by 42%, on Uniswap – by 8.1%. And the Curve platform lost 3.8%. All Dex fell 9.67% over the week to $18.2 billion.

SushiSwap is a decentralized crypto exchange on the Ethereum blockchain. The trading floor allows market participants to conduct transactions with digital assets directly from their cryptocurrency wallets – without intermediaries. DEX gets its liquidity from pools, which receive funds from platform users who lock their assets in protocol.

Growth in trading volumes at SushiSwap is taking place against an active development of its ecosystem. On Jan. 16, the head of this project, or as the community calls this position, “chef.” Jared Gray presented plans for the organization in 2023, including the goal of making Sushi a leader in DEX.

The SushiSwap team plans to launch a DEX aggregator in the first quarter of this year. And to open a decentralized incubator, Sushi Studios (a platform for launching new crypto projects). A number of other new services, including the NFT marketplace Shoyu, are also in development, according to Gray’s report.

On Jan. 25, it was reported that the developers of SushiSwap would launch a decentralized futures exchange on the Sei Network blockchain. According to journalists, this will expand Sushiswap’s capabilities by linking the project to non- Ethereum-based systems.

Our experts point out that new trends in the crypto market are forcing developers of DeFi-services to adapt to them in order to keep their positions. In addition to launching new products in 2023, SushiSwap recently introduced the “xSwap” solution for simple token exchange between networks. And also Furo Streaming, a service that automates regular distribution of funds to multiple addresses.

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