Crypto project Sei raised $30 million at $800 million valuation

Sei is a future candidate for a possible airdrop. It will spend the funds to find the “right” strategic partners. As well as expanding its presence in Asia

Crypto project Sei has raised $30 million at a valuation of $800 million, Sei Labs co-founder Jayendra Jog told TechCrunch. The investors were Jump Capital, Distributed Global, Multicoin Capital, Asymmetric Capital Partners, Flow Traders, Hypersphere Ventures and Bixin Ventures.

Blockchain Sei is a Tier 1 solution, with developers building cryptocurrency trading applications on its platform. The project team consists of former employees of Goldman Sachs, Databricks, Robinhood, Google and Nvidia. The blockchain is in the testing phase. And the core network is scheduled to launch in the second quarter of this year. According to the company, the Sei network already has 120 projects and about 3.6 million unique users.

The project’s mission is to create a better infrastructure for exchanges, Jog explained. He added that there are also game-making projects on the blockchain. As well as NFT-marketplace and other applications that are associated with trading.

Sei has already raised $5 million from investors in August 2022, with the main goal of fundraising being to find the “right” strategic partners, the money will also be used to expand the project’s presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

Sei is one of the potential contenders to issue and airdrop its own tokens, also Our experts note that this project is often mentioned in thematic discussions of possible airdrop in social networks.


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