Investment firms show extraordinary interest in cryptocurrency ETF

Despite last year’s 48% drop in cryptocurrency prices. Brown Brothers Harriman survey participants plan to add digital asset ETF to their portfolios this year

According to a survey conducted by Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH), 74% of institutional investors. The survey resulted in an “extraordinary” or heightened interest in cryptocurrency ETF.

On April 3, BBH released the results of its 2023 Global ETF Investor Servey. The survey surveyed 325 institutional investors, financial advisors and fund managers from the U.S., Europe and China.

According to the report, despite last year’s drop in cryptocurrency prices. In it, a quarter of respondents intend to devote more money to investing in ETF for digital assets. Institutional investors showed the greatest interest, with nearly three-quarters extremely interested in adding cryptocurrency ETF to their portfolios.

Our experts note that this year, 48% of survey participants plan to do so: 58% of investors from China, 55% – from the United States and only 29% – from Europe.

The report explains that the growing interest in cryptocurrency ETFs is partly due to investors adjusting to market volatility. As well as diversifying portfolios and adding more innovative products. And regulatory initiatives such as the MiCA (Markets in Crypto Assets) project of the European Union. It can significantly “reduce the risk” of cryptocurrency investments for asset managers. And provide them “an additional level of comfort” when working with crypto exchanges.

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